Excellent $5 metal pistol grip nozzle

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I’m sure it works fine, but will it make my dog as angry as the sprinkler does?


For when you’re so angry at your garden that you want to shoot it.


I bought one of these recently since it was near the top of the Amazon search results for a sprayer and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with it. It works much better than my old one, and for $5 I wish I’d replaced the old one a long time ago. The only downside to the metal construction is that it gets rather hot when the hose has been laying in the sun and warmed up the water in the hose. You have to deal with burning fingers for a few seconds until you get cold water out of the pipe.

I have brass nozzles which work pretty well also. Maybe not as convenient as the trigger form. The main thing I wanted was one like we had when I was a kid before all the cheap plastic “improvements” were added.


This was the hand-sprayer of my youth. An unattended hose, a big pile of sand destined for my dad’s concrete mixer, and a summer afternoon made for unparalleled entertainment.


Throw in a USB charger and we’ve got a deal.

It looks very much (plastic insert in the nozzle?) like one I finally tossed. the (rubber?) seal around the adjustment rod (that passes through the middle) either swells or collects crud so eventually it won’t slide on the rod and the stream won’t shut off till you push the rod in w/ your other hand. good for a couple of months though, maybe longer if you don’t have well water w/ a lot of iron & calcium.

So in other words, you bought a literal “garden variety” hose sprayer, just like the ones they’ve been making for the last 70 years. Congrats on your mundane purchase of a common, everyday item. Maybe now you can get that roll of Scotch Tape you’ve had your eye on.


Brass twist nozzles (ideally with quick-release fitting) are far superior to any pistol nozzle. Mine adjusts from a painful needle stream to a fine mist, with a nice high-pressure compost-bucket-blasting stream halfway between.

If it’s not exactly this one it’s very similar:

I like this one I got recently, as you can twist it to whatever level of spray you want and leave it there, without having to continually hold the handle down (which can get tiring).

I’m sure it has other uses too, but I can’t think of any at the moment.

German homonym of the week:

To water/sprinkle the lawn is called “Rasen sprengen”. But sprengen has more than one meaning

Gets hot in the sun … an understatement in the SW desert. And wait for the water to run cold? Not until … November, maybe.

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