The highest quality garden watering nozzle


I don’t know… if you leave it out in winter with water in it, expanding ice will break the metal nozzle more easily than a plastic one, I think.

I had this setup, or whatever the Dramm equivalent was back in the 1990’s, for years. It is indeed wonderful and I miss it every spring and summer. But we sold our house in Iowa and some things didn’t make the cut. Now I finally am gardening again and think it’s time to get a new set. Thanks for the reminder! I would rather have one copy of this head/valve setup than 100 assorted cheapies. I left it outdoors in Iowa winters and never had an issue with freezing. I think the rose itself is the only part that would be vulnerable that way, and that’s replaceable.

I’ve left my plastic watering nozzles outside winter after winter and they still work just fine. $33 for a watering nozzle setup is silly.

My issue UV light takes it toll though and after three or four years the plastic starts crumbling into pieces :-/

I’m not set on upgrading to metal nozzles but I’m contemplating on at least phasing out all the plastic hose fittings and slowly replacing them with brass fittings…

Weird - I’ve had no issues with plastic Gardena fittings, but the sprayers seem to wear faster. (The cheap knockoffs are much weaker, though.)

My issue with aluminum hose parts is that they oxidize and then no longer fit properly.

That’s why I only use hose parts made of gold.

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