Investigating the Great Earthquake of 2012: the Mirage Expedition


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Excellent! The headline made this sound like some intriguing science fiction.


Wow, even bigger than the New Madrid quakes…


I do hope they don’t encounter “pirates”.


And ‘Bathymetry’ sounds like a Math Rock band.


a potential pirate attack is preferable.

You might want to read up on modern pirate attacks, not storybook attacks - sexual assault, robbery, kidnapping.


Take your Vitamin C daily, or else.


ok, landlubber here. what’s an “I” deck?


Off Topic, Technical Question:

Much of the text from this article is not displaying properly. It cuts off to the right. Is this a browser issue or is this on the site for everyone?


Same for me, it cuts off


@doctorow is this a family citizen science type trip?


That may be because its epicenter was well within the Indo-Australian plate, at a depth of 50 kilometers.

Nope. The epicenter, by definition, was at the surface. It’s the hypocenter, or focus that was at that depth.


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