Nature Made vitamins recalled for 'possible contamination' with Salmonella or Staph


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Salmonella or Staph

Can’t wait to spring this one on the co-workers tomorrow, ah what a life I have!


Vitamins: if they don’t kill you they can only make you stronger.


Whaaaaat the hell. And I just got another automated call from Kroger about a recall on a couple flavors of Clif Bars for possible listeria. Are food safety issues actually on the rise, or do I just think they are? Do all the recalls mean our system is working because problems are being found, or is it totally broken?



I don’t know but my grocery store keeps telling me some freezer food I probably ate six months ago had a recall for listeria too. I freak out every time before realizing “Oh, wow, that was a long time ago. I guess I was ok.” :sweat:

But I know two people who got food poisoning from fast food restaurants (from the same chain) in the past month and one of their doctors said there was a spate of people coming in after eating at the same chain. It feels like a lot but maybe it’s just closer to home for me?


Nietzsche Made - Gummie VitaUbermensch?


“That which dose not destroy us, leaves us weakened for the next thing that comes along.”


“When I was a kid I thought salmonella was a guy who ran around stickin’ his butt in potato salad.”

-Dom Irrera


I still miss that show.


Bacterial pathogenesis is, in fairness, a natural process.


I’ve gamed with that DM before


From the article, it sounds like there’s no specific evidence that any vitamins are actually contaminated, they just realized that they hadn’t been properly tested to make sure of that, and they’re recalling them on the extremely slim chance that something crept in while their tests weren’t functioning. To me, that says the system is working as intended–these guys could have kept quiet and very likely nothing would have happened, but they decided to accept destroyed stock and bad publicity because it was the right thing to do.

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