Invisible Man is the best book to read during Black history month

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An absolute wonderful book. The scene with the family getting evicted still sits with me today.

Incidentally, I thought there was supposed to be a movie or show based on this novel, but I guess it’s in development hell?


Ellison’s work was never one of my personal favs, but it absolutely is a good read for BHM.


I would love a mini series on HBO Max or something. Not sure who I’d want at the helm, though.


Agreed! An amazing novel, which makes it all the sadder and stranger that Ellison never published another one.

He’s also another writer who got a boost from the Federal Writers Project, an idea that i wish Biden would revive (where IS his support for the arts, anyway?). Other countries have funding arms like the Canadian Film Board, which still helps financially with awesome projects that would never otherwise get made. Who knows what great work we’ll never see or read, thanks to the ever-growing U.S. reliance on market forces.


Netflix (she said, selfishly)

Yeah, me neither… Barry Jenkins, maybe? I still haven’t seen The Underground Railroad series he did, but I heard good things… But I still think about his movie Moonlight sometimes… And If Beale Street Could Talk was magnificent, too.

Yeah… Ella Baker was also employed by the WPA back then. I wonder if anyone has done a history of Black creators and activists and the role played by the WPA in fomenting post-war activism? There is one book I know of on the pre-war radicalism among Black activists (or from the 20s to 50):

But I’m wondering about people who specifically worked for the WPA and then used that as a springboard for later activism…


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The book has a surreal and often horrific element that i think Jordan Peele might handle well.


I was going to say Peele.

I wanna see Nope before I brand him as a true visionary, though.


If you can, get ahold of the audiobook version read by Joe Morton of Eureka fame. THE BEST audiobook performance I’ve ever heard. If there were oscars for audiobook reading, this would be the first one.


Definitely gonna check it out. That sounds awesome.

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