Iowa cops use excessive force to apprehend speeding woman in labor

I expect his lawyer to argue there is documented evidence he/she was actively attempting to escape the “embrace” of the other “resisting” defendant at the time.


Yes in the prairies I would have definitely gone faster. Around here it is hilly, winding roads with lots of blind spots. Also deer, nature’s speed reducers.

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In fact just letting them get away is what many jurisdictions would do after getting a plate.

With no evidence of a crime there isn’t really evidence that the vehicle in question is fleeing law enforcement rather than just unaware of the pursuit or ignoring it. If he wasn’t blowing stop signs / red lights then how much risk was he putting the public at?

Cue “if they did that all criminals would know to run away” & please reference the first 6 words of above paragraph as my preemptive response.


Exactly. People don’t become police officers because they like to spend all their time having tea parties, you know?

Spike strips at high speed can cause a driver to lose control. Yet another form of potentially deadly “nonlethal force.” Just what thugs seem to like.

Once upon a time, they would have pulled her over - eventually - and found out why this pregnant woman was speeding down the road. Now they just shoot first, and interrogate the survivors, as they press charges.


“Once upon a time, they would have pulled her over - eventually - and found out why this pregnant woman was speeding down the road.”

Wait, I’ve seen that movie. The cop got a blanket out of his car and heroically helped deliver the baby on the scene.

It was in black and white, the last time police we ever seen as positive role models…


That is part of the story we are missing. However the driver did admit he was exceeding the speed limit by 30mph. That’s endangering public safety before the cops even got involved.

What is wrong with this alternative? Was any law other than the speed limit being broken here? Were they speeding through lights and drving on sidewalks in a car that met a description, or was the absolute control by a peace officer over a situation, challenged?

Because I get the latter from the story.


Yeah, that’s a sad commentary on our current society. I’m surprised someone wasn’t shot.

We just dont know what the cops observed to make this judjement, you are jumping to conclusions.

A cop chasing a speeding car, deploying spike strips, and drawing thier guns on the occupants is almost a non story these days. What makes this all sensationalized is the occupant happened to be delivering a baby.

Speaking of bad judgement by the cops, are we just going to ignore the fact that the people didnt want to stop? A cop may be thinking that if someone was in a medical emergency, they would likely stop to let the officer assist. Running from the police is rarely a sign someone needs help.


I don’t recall hearing the 911 call on the report. So how do you know what it sounded like? Oh, wait, you’re using the time honored technique known as “just making things up”.

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By failing to defend the use of force, reflexively and instead asking a few questions and stating my personal opinion is leaning one way… you got that as me jumping to a conclusion? Wow.

Not defending my obvious bias. cough cough.

look at those conclusions I am jumping to. whoo, someone stop me.


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I think this is a really good point that deserves a lot more consideration than it gets. The underlying problem is that police care too much about winning.


I got pulled over by a cop while driving my wife to deliver our second baby, but we were going too slow instead of too fast through the contractions. The cop shone his bright spotlight in my face, then got out of his car and walked up to me. I gave him an earful. He sheepishly turned off his light and let us go on our way.

Iowa needs to teach their cops a thing or two about the birds and the bees.

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In Belgium, where I used to live, they have a solution. If the driver puts a white handkerchief or scarf in his window, flapping in the breeze and held by the closed window, police will interpret this as ‘medical emergency’ and escort the car to the hospital at high speed, sirens and lights on.


From the article: “The couple called 911, but acknowledged that it was probably difficult for dispatches to understand the expecting mother between contractions.”

Life is a reading rainbow, my friend.


Since we don’t know, all we can do is jump to conclusions. Even you right?

I get it, you give them the benefit of the doubt, other people don’t, perhaps this is what you mean to address.

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It’s quite a leap to go from speaking between contractions, to being “hysterical”. And considering the misogynistic connotations of that word, well, probably not the best linguistic choice.

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Precisely this.

The woman might have been screaming for her husband not to stop (and with all the hormones going crazy this is understandable), but the husband should have simply used his brain for two seconds and realised that speeding at 30mph over the limit (which is speeding pretty damn fast) while cops were in pursuit wasn’t going to end well. The best thing they could have done was pull over once the lights went on, tell the police “my wife is in labor and contractions are coming hard and fast” and they probably would have given them a police escort all the way to the hospital.

Regarding the “called 911 in advance” comments: it sounds to me like the couple called 911 only after the cops started pursuit. Sure the couple wouldn’t have had time to call 911 before they got in the car, but they could have dialed it a minute after they left. Again, I understand the couple probably wouldn’t have thought of this right away but it isn’t totally unreasonable.