iPad looks great in an SE/30 case

It’s only complete with your post, the obligatory, involuntarily self-referential “everyone who is posting here is wasting their time, get a life!” post.

Likewise :slight_smile:


Not to mention that, if we call out Android for ripping off wholesale from Apple, then we should call out Apple for ripping off wholesale from Xerox.


Agreed, now it’s perfect. :joy:


“If I fits, I .sits”

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I bet one could successfully mod a Dell

They just bought a housing off of eBay apparently.

It has been possible to use a Bluetooth mouse for a while now.

You cant rip off what you pay for.

But the mod is not complete until they find some way to get the floppy drive working. It should be possible. There are USB 3.5" floppy drives and you could probably install a Raspberry Pi there to control the floppy and make it appear as some kind of file system for the iPad.


Google didn’t rip off Apple, they borrowed from Linux. Android is a “desktop” built on top of a Linux kernel. If Google stole something, they did it in exactly the same way that musicians steal from each other. They riffed off of Apple’s handheld computer to create something new.

Google is almost as evil as Apple, though.

I had an SE 20 for college. It was a good computer. This was after having a “thin mac.” Sadly, my Mac-dom was driven out of me in the late 90’s by my employer, but I still have a dual boot/board PowerPC with a Win95 OS. Fun, but not particularly useful. I have a unopened Macbook pro next to me that I am configuring for a colleague. They are sexy and purpose built, but I have lost my affinity for them due in large part the Apple business model being troubling to me (read: I am not getting on the Apple rape train unless I absolutely have to).

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For my work they are giving us iPads for field use, which i don’t necessarily mind. But given the choice i would rather have a Surface Pro or something else, though i doubt such a request would be granted as i’d be the only one declining to get an iPad.

That is ok - but I like this Atari 400 mod for iPad dock - https://tii.libsyn.com/atari400-diy-mod-to-i-pad-dock

There are two reasons for this.

  1. The first being that the very first Android phones were designed to use a trackball and then added touch screen. When in development, Android was expected to compete against PalmOS and Mobile Windows CE (or whatever it was called, the name was as clunky as the OS).
  2. Apple has a policy of not adding a function until it is actually ready to ship. The first versions of the iPhone and iOS did not even support selecting text until Apple felt it was ready to ship. The same philosophy is at play here. This is something they really learned from the Jobs era, after the missteps of Copeland under his predecessors.

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