What's inside a Surface Pro 3?


Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails?

I’d still really like one. I’ll probably be sensible and buy a boring MBP to replace my ancient 2009 one, but the SP3 just seems newer and shinier - I really like the idea of it, even though I’d probably never use the pen, would find the keyboard annoying and be driven nuts by the lack of tablet optimized apps.

MBA or iPad Air?

I’ve also heard that there’s loads of tables from some other manufacturer with some other OS on it, if that’s the way you lean.

We all yearn for the day when the insides of one of these things is a bunch of grey goo, like the insides of our heads.

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Based on what I’ve learned through years of optimistic, slapdash, or just plain incompetent electrical ‘engineering’, the purest distillation of a silicon system will be a blue-grey material, looking rather like aerogel but a bit denser and more opaque. At long last, pure Magic Smoke without containment packages or support passives!

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