iPad stand for digital artists

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  1. it’s not clear that “anywhere” includes the place I most often draw on my ipad, which is on my lap

  2. but I do see the appeal

  3. but I have a CNC machine, and have seen the photo, so tbh there’s no scenario where I pay money for this


3 is an obvious first thought – it’s just a piece of plastic after all! – but a lot must be said for the fact they’ve actually gone out and done it.

Consider: nothing like this seems to be available now, yet $20 counterfeits will instantly be on Amazon as soon as the manufacturer completes the first run. So them front-loading a solid profit on the crowdfunding run is fine by me.


My ethical rationalisation is that it’s OK for me to copy a design myself if I’m going to customise it, but if it would amount to straight-up piracy (or if the DIY version would really cost more), then I should buy the original.

Those who counterfeit stuff for money are flirting with damnation, though. And if they claim what they’re copying is “obvious”, then they’re paying it $15 for sex behind a dumpster.


A DIY version might just be two 1/4" wood boards, one with an ipad shape cut out of it, glued together with a couple of legs!

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That’s a good point! You don’t even need to CNC it, you could cut out the layers with a hole saw and (if you hated yourself enough) a fret saw for the inside cuts.

But thinking about it, if you’re gluing the layers together, you could use three layers of Finnboard, which means you could cut out the whole thing with an X-Acto knife, which is much easier (and probably more accurate). Gluing the layers will make it nearly as stiff as plywood, and you could use some kind of lacquer to make it more hand-proof.

In fact I just drew that exact thing (for an 11" iPad Pro). I didn’t add any tolerance, because you’d probably want to make it and then sand down the inner edges until you get a good friction fit.

Personally I am thinking that for a stand, I will make a bean bag by gluing a square of rich Corinthian leather or vegan burlap onto the back and filling it with buckwheat, like a TV dinner tray. That way it’ll work in either orientation.

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once again I’m struck with the thought I should become a youtuber

I wouldn’t youtube it, but I might use it

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Hey man, it works. Very good

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