Iran and lifting of sanctions

Will the US government get in bed with just about any regime regardless of their human rights record?

It seems so, first the Syrian and now Irans.

The United Nations human rights chief found evidence to implicate Assad in war crimes and crimes against humanity during the civil war and the US are only now supporting them to weaken ISIS, hasn’t life become rather cheap?

The Russians obviously want a presence and good relations with Syria, this confidence to interfere has caused most European countries to increase defense spending recently.

What is the US government likely to gain from this I wonder?

Any ideas or your thoughts.

The article on the bottom left of the page is pretty shocking.

reminds me of our good pals a little bit to the west

the Revolutionary Guard is a paramilitary organisation and not without blood on the hands. but I don’t believe that the AIPAC did itself a favour with the chosen phrase; the black-and-white thinking does not help to convince sceptics and undecided

the bombing for peace has a miserable track record, maybe talking with each other helps?


It helps convince skeptics, otherwise. Perhaps the goal of AIPAC is not the one you assume it is?

in my experience black/white arguments are not effective trying to convince anyone. if the AIPAC phrased it this way to reinforce the feelings of the persons already believing the reasoning: fine.

but then it would be probably helpful if @ianamal had used a different article to start an open discussion about the topic at hand.

In my experience they only convince the ones making the b/w arguments that they’re actually ‘debating’.

They’re like a lamppost to a drunk. For support, not illumination.


See also, all of the Cold War. And nothing being new under the sun.


say what you want about AIPAC but they definitely ought to be experts on the USA budding up with nations despite an appalling human rights record lol

I’m so stealing that. Great analogy.

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Cough cough Saudi Arabia, China to a lesser extent, and others I am too lazy to go look up…


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