Irish cops finally "catch" Prawo Jazdy

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A Polish friend told me about this a couple of years ago.

Still, no real harm done…


Good GTA character name.

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Time travelling article from ten years ago. But it’s still a good story.
This may be hyper-nostalgia kicking in, but the internet seemed less shouty back then, and more full of fun stuff.

Aren’t EU driving licensees standardized in some manne, similar to passports? You’d think thats the kind of thing federalization is meant to guard against: basic errors based on differing document formats.

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Yes and no. Standardized, but not identical. Also, there are transition periods, and not every country adopts EU standards at the same time. Plus, driver’s licences don’t expire as such.

In 2009, Ireland still had the first generation EU driver’s license (paper)

while Poland already had the second generation credit-card-style plastic (I think they skipped the paper model because they joined later)

So, an easy enough mistake to make. If you don’t bother with reading the office memos, I guess.

The current Irish licence looks like this

There is a handy website which shows which country used which licence at any given time:

More on EU driver’s licences here:

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