IRS says U.S. taxpayers must file return by July 15 or ask for extension

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U.S. taxpayers can request filing an extension to October 15th from July 15th


This is something you should do.
Also…Why is requesting an extention by July 15 suddenly a OMG Thing.
It’s good info…but it’s pretty much always been that way for years.

Filing will allow you get the ‘stimulus’ money.
If you didn’t make enough to file for taxes. there was a tool on the IRS website.

You could enter your info here.
I’m a non-filer on SSDI. And while they FINALLY cleared that up for SSDI people.
I did register as a ‘non filer’ on that linked site and got my sitmulas direct depost very…very quickly, within days of registering and filing.

So, stay on top of this if you think you can get a stimulus check and register and do all the hoops and whistles to get the money you’re entitled too by being a tax payer in the USA who has paid into the system for years…it’s your money, your insurance policy.


And beware of scams. We actually received what appeared to be a fake refund check in the mail. We hadn’t yet filed and we always get direct deposit. But because of the pandemic, the stimulus, the late filing deadline, scammer activity is way up, so be careful out there.


As a non-American: what’s the scam there? How do they make money out of sending you a fake check?

Why hasn’t tax simplification been a thing (esp. for individuals) in the US?
The Self Assessment change in the UK in the noughts was revolutionary, but made life so more simple.

Firstly most individuals don’t need to file ever - tax is deducted at source (salary), you only need to file if you have additional income - say a rental property or a part-time self employed job.

If you do need to file the on-line form is stupidly simple, radio buttons open or close sections you need to fill-in, help is available on every field and you just need to enter figures and a few dates.
When you have finished, you get a calculation and a breakdown on the screen, you can then pay or be paid on-line - or make corrections and re-submit.

It takes me 30 mins.

As I understand it, the tax prep industry in the US lobbies hard against any attempt to make it easier for the average person to file their taxes.


I got my extension filed in January, really. I usually can’t get my tax shit together before August, so I am one of “those people” that always files late.

One possibility is that it’s a genuine tax refund check resulting from a fake tax return, filed by the scammers using your personal information. The next step is that they represent themselves as IRS agents (after all, they have all this knowledge about this erroneous check you got) seeking the “return” of the money.

A clarification – if you have not filed 2019 yet, but you have filed 2018 you will still get your stimulus payment.

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