Millions of pandemic stimulus payments were deposited in wrong customer accounts due to IRS error, says TurboTax

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Great, now did I already get mine, or did I get someone else’s?


I got yours. Thanks for the new iPhone!


I got a deposit on Jan 6 for the expected amount. Glad I don’t have to deal with the IRS.


Where’s my pocket change, goddamnit!!!


Well I’ve been using the same account for 20 years obvious that I won’t be getting my stimulus payment.


It can only pay to be philosophical these days.


Sheesh. I got mine on the first. In time to send money to Georgia.

Worse, of course, that these idiots are also managing the vaccine rollout.

In the spring they managed to take my tax payment and then send the stimulus within 3 days. Who knows how long it’ll take now.

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Last time, I didn’t see the stimulus check until August; by the time I got it, I had no idea what the heck the money was for, at first. This time around, already in my account. Go figure…


I was getting nervous that my mom hadn’t gotten her money, so we tried the HEY WHERES MY MONEY app on the IRS website and it told us that they sent it to some random checking account we used one time for her taxes.

My brother’s hasn’t shown up either, so I checked and even though he had the money direct deposited to the correct account last time they mailed him a check yesterday (or so they say). So we’ll see…

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I got mine, but it was sent to my old bank account - which I hadn’t gotten around to closing yet. Procrastination wins again!

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The “wrong accounts” were by and large accounts that were only briefly opened to facilitate tax preparation fees being withheld from refunds on the behalf of preparers like TurboTax and H&R Block who offer that option to their clients as a convenience.


Lemme check to see if I got one of these mistake payments first, then I’ll be back to tell you how mad I am.


Correct, and then they closed those accounts, making the stimulus deposit bounce.

So how is that an “IRS Error”? Seems like the tax prep companies dropped the ball. IRS put the money where the 2019 returns told them to put it.

Oh, hey, I’m not saying that those companies didn’t drop the ball. I’m just pointing out that it’s not like the IRS was sending payments to accounts held by the wrong people. You or I arn’t going to accidentally get a payment intended for someone else. At most it’s just going to result in a delayed payment for some people who used those specific options when doing their taxes, which is unfortunate as often the people using that option are the most in need of a cash infusion.

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