Is BB on international servers?


Because, like … journalists are being muscled out of Trump sessions … and treated like dirt.

Nice quote “get out of my country” … "I’m a US citizen … " … “well … whatever”. I think that’s an interaction with Bannon?


It’s in Canadialand, no?


According to netcraft, all of the boingboing servers are in San Francisco, at least, I think that’s what it means.


Not that this isn’t horrendous, but it happened in August 2015.

I’ve been seeing this go around this week and its been stripped of its date in time…


Ah - bit annoying! Hmmm. Is he letting people from Univision in now?!


Boing Boing’s servers are hosted at Priority Colo in Toronto, Canada. PC is pretty awesome, they stand up to overaggressive American lawyers and the like, since they often don’t have standing here.


Nope! You’re just seeing the Fastly frontend IP addresses there. That’s not were our servers are. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I went back and forth on that. I wasn’t sure if it was really reporting what I thought it did, because I tested it on some sites I know, and it wasn’t reporting what I expected, but I figured if I added the qualifier… anyway, thanks for the info.


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