Is Cryptoland, the "first physical crypto island", a parody of NFT culture? Is parody even possible?

Dubai brings up another obvious flaw: where are the staff quarters for all the (probably indentured) workers who are catering 24/7 to the needs and whims of these entitled morons and slimers? Even the myopic mouth-breathers who run Dubai knew enough to build horrible dormitories for their slaves.


Can someone please help me out with the “Rat Poison” reference?

This is at about 5m45s in, not long after the weird exchange where the Lamborghini taunts and angers the Coin by calling out “to the moon…”

I assume it’s related to this:


It seems that the “help” will live on the mainland.

“Masterplan.pdf” includes plans for staff lockers, break room, etc. but there are no staff accommodations. This presumably means that staff will not stay on the island, which I’m sure will go just fine when one of those Fiji storms blows through and they can’t get to work.


The parody singularity in Crypto was achieved a while ago, I’d say.

Everything is planned to be off-island, including garbage collection, emergency services… Good thing they don’t have devastating weather events there, that might stop people from getting to the island! Oh…


Perusing the real estate listing for that island I have to wonder what percentage of all that low-lying area will be completely under water within the next few decades due to rising ocean levels.


Yeah, the irony. (Also: climate-change-fueled hurricanes.) I also like they keep talking about it as an “eco” resort, as if somehow that would, in turn, greenwash their crypto activities. And how is it “eco”? Um… they’re going to build a bunch of crap in a pristine environment? because the plan for power on the island is to use diesel generators? IDK.


There’s also a man wearing a Pepe the Frog shirt, presumably to signal that “alt-right” folks will be welcome.

now they’re in a room in a casino full of people playing air hockey. everyone pictured appears to be male, except for a waitress who is being painfully hit on by a man in a pepe the frog shirt. this may be the most realistic part of the video.


Wait…this isn’t a parody? I 100% thought it was just a (bad, unfunny) parody of crypto scams.

Yes, I did watch the whole cringy thing in the background while I was doing something else.

ETA That is so, so sad.


The main flaw in this plan is the physical island. However, they might be onto something, Cryptorealestate.

With Cryptorealestate you can buy and sell digital certificates representing real property.

Sort of like the property deeds stored in a municipal or county database? Blockchain doesn’t add a whole lot of value there.


Value here is only determined by what people are willing to pay. Unlike those dusty deeds which dinnertime ownership of psychical property, Cryptorealestate is a digital certificate representing real property.

@RickMycroft exactly!

I’m talking more about functional value but it applies to financial value too. I’m sure there will be plenty of scam artists and hucksters selling crypto-deeds to physical spaces they don’t actually own for various dubious purposes and I’m sure there will be plenty of speculators and suckers buying and bidding them up. However, the government deed for the real property will be worth more than all of them combined, even without the magic crypto dust.

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I think my psychical properties are too limited to discern how one dinnertimes ownership

Maybe that’s why I’ll never make it to cryptoland


Aren’t they called shell companies?


Moreover, I was only able to identify one black person:

To be fair though, I stopped watching about halfway through. You know, for my sanity.


Growing up, Grammy would always dole out the dinner time ownership, so maybe it’s something like that? :woman_shrugging:t2:
(That would most likely work much better than whatever these crypto-bros have in mind.)


JFC it’s a perfect storm of horridness


Wait…so none of the people on Cryptoland would meet the requirement?