Is Gresso Azimuth the Sony Ericsson K850 killer we've all been waiting for?


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This post, and make me wish I could read the internet through a Beschizza-filter browser add-on.


I am struggling to come up with a question about this product that would not imply that this phone is not for me.


Just look at that beautiful Gresso Regal Titanium.
THAT one looks like Vertu Killer.


Sharper Image shouldn’t have gone bankrupt, they should have gone up-market.

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It’s super amusing to me how the mass market is getting better phones than the 1% market.

It’s kind of like Toyota selling a $30k car that looks better and goes faster around a track than a McLaren.


wow has every feature of my moto f3 'cept one - $16 unlocked.

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Like it’s rival, which was discontinued 7 years ago-- That made me laugh. Thank you!

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Does this mean it’s 1999 and I’m 27 again? Cool.


The raised buttons, bare metal, and quasi-Eurostile font kinda reminds me of my dad’s calculator watch from back in the day:

Question is, can it play Space Invaders?

Didn’t you mean to post this yesterday?

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Wait, that is a cell phone? I thought it was a TV remote. Just look at the back, single screw and batter door. TV remote.

My calculator watch could.

Uh, April 1 was yesterday.


I’d rather have this.

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It looks like a remote control, not a phone.

Or a Timex that outperforms a Rolex, one supposes.

Nokia 515.

I wonder what the breakdown of the market for this sort of thing is: how many potential customers just don’t get smartphones, and how many of them are fearful that their smartphone would be hacked into.

Shut up and take my money!