Is it #BonesDay? A lazy pug named "Noodles" forecasts the day's mood

Originally published at: Is it #BonesDay? A lazy pug named "Noodles" forecasts the day's mood | Boing Boing


until this moment i never knew that a random dog somewhere could be this in charge of my life.


This is wonderful, and he looks just like my little fat buddy Louis CK9, who was not only lazy but also the stupidest, most mindless organism in the last 3 billion years of evolution. He was 19 when he finally died just this past spring.

I’d love to show this to my wife, but she’d just want another of these horrifying, suffering, sweet-natured genetic atrocities.



A dog with a name that awesome should be eternal. Sorry for your loss!

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Actually, I named him that specifically because of Pamela Adlon’s character on Louie calling Louis CK stupid, fat, and ugly; so the name fit perfectly


I got the impression the name was an affectionately spiteful one. The best kinds of pet names!

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Well, there’s your Happy Foot/Sad Foot replacement right there.

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