Is it legal to fly with marijuana?




If you’re flying from Colorado to Washington, it’s cool, right?



I’d also be worried about a TSA worker spotting my stash and stealing it.


In other words, TSA is mostly interested in protecting its passengers’ safety

Woo! That’s a good one.


Only if it’s round trip,as Denver is a lot cooler than Seattle


So far as I know, Irvin Rosenfeld is the last man who can fly cross country with his NIDA certified, machine rolled boo and not risk anything more than a glance at his paperwork… Has been doing so since 1982. He’s in pretty good shape, considering he’s been puffing on low grade, Federal pot, for decades (300 cigs a month direct from Uncle Sam).


An Important note to add. Even if you are in a State where recreational and medicinal are legal, they are still illegal on Federal Land. Here in California, guest entering Yosemite National Park are often ticketed for their Medicinal. In fact, it is a sly bit of word play when the park rangers ask “do you have any medical marijuana on you?” The responsible, truthful patient who divulges their possession is often punished by this lesser know boundary to possession.


Only if you —drumroll— have a big enough stash…rimshot


The article concludes noting that policies are a confusing patchwork; but they left off the words “for now.” When the automobile was a new thing, or radio, the laws were probably a mess as well. But over time things got sorted out - usually for the benefit of the few, but at least things are consistent.

I expect same-sex marriage will be the like this too. Some day, things will reach a new equilibrium, and probably a more just and kind one. For now, the system is all disrupted, like a lava lamp that got shook up.


There’s also the issue of decriminalization as a policy in the airports. A few years back I recall Oakland airport and some others agreeing to overlook any stash smaller than what might trigger a concern for trafficking. TSA Eases Up on Passengers Flying with Marijuana


That sucks. However, lying about it could get you a federal rap a la Martha Stewart who was jailed not on the original charge but for lying to Federal Investigators. Kind of a no win situation.


If you don’t lie, you get caught with 100% probability.
If you lie, you have measurable but very low chance of getting caught, unless you make a mistake.

I’d go for lying. It’s not even morally wrong, they lie to us all the time so there’s no trust relationship left to maintain.

And even then you can always claim you “honestly thought you left the $thing at home”. Then it should be on them to prove your intent.


This is the answer. Lie. They are utterly unworthy of any sort of trust. They will take your trust and skull fuck you with it. Worst case scenario is they catch you with something that should be legal in any sane world where alcohol is legal, and you just lie some more about how you thought it wasn’t with you. If they are morally bankrupt enough to do anything more than rob you with a fine, they were going to fuck you even if you told the truth anyways.


keep it under an ounce and you’ll be ok


It’s a bong!


The reason it mostly works in states to allow medical and now recreational pot use is that your odds – on any given day – of bumping into federal law enforcement is pretty much zero, with the big exception of airports. Getting their attention is the last thing I’d want to do, even if the alternative were a 30 hour car ride (of course, you’d risk dealing with unfriendlies in certain states on the journey).

The federal rule is b.s., of course, but I’d hate to even get grazed by the gears of federal justice.


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