LAX is cool with weed

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“LAX enforcement policy is lax enforcement policy.”


And so now every flight from LAX will be subject to searches in the destination airports.


I really hope that’s the case. The public backlash would only push us further towards rescheduling.


Heh. I remember quipping back when the show LAX was on TV, post-9/11.

“OK, seriously, they called a show focused on airport security LAX??”


IIRC, Federal law does not allow you to cross state borders with it, even if you fly from and to States which both allow MJ.


Man, those air marshals are gonna geta lot of free weed.

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I think that only works when you piss off the senators…

Airports seem like a special kind of hell where they take a sadistic satisfaction in not giving a F!@# about how uncomfortable / miserable they make you.

( I’m definitely biased. being 6’6" sitting in a chair is like being in a Medieval torture device )


Roger That!


Federal law doesn’t allow it at all. This is just a clarification. Denver international actually made weed illegal to stop people from bringing it in and creating a legal issue. They are saying local police will not enforce it so TSA could only hand you over to FBI. FBI is obviously not going to waste time busting everyone with tiny amounts of pot

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Goddamnit, that was magnificent.

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That’s fine… I have medical in my state! LOL

My guess is that they do not bother with “personal amounts” but if you go through there with a lot, you’re going to run into problems. Have never had an issue.

As to other states bothering to check flights from all the states where it is legal, and also checking all passengers whose flights originate in one of those states but take a connecting flight, the idea is ludicrous. The future is here, it’s just unevenly distributed.

However I do think there is a big danger in having laws on the books which are routinely ignored. They can be selectively enforced to hurt whoever the authorities decide to target.

But it’s not LAX searching bags… it’s the TSA.

It’s my understanding they don’t actively look for weed, but if you cram an entire half ounce and a vape pen in your bag you might force their hand…

@anon62577920 law in CA says up to 1oz is personal use.

This has already been the policy at SFO & OAK pre-64. If TSA found weed on you, they would hand it over to the sheriff/local PD, who would ask for your medical recommendation. They’d then give you your weed back and wish you a good flight.

Saw this happen twice at OAK in the TSA line in front of me. Everyone involved looked bored and just shrugged the people through.

Cannabis is now recreationally legal on the entire west coast and legal in some form in over half the states. The idea that the authorities are now going to be searching people from these states as they come off flights elsewhere is ridiculous.

There will be no trouble until President Trump actually gets someone into the US Drug Czar spot. If he’s a Trump puppet I could see searches in non-legal states become a real thing. Ajit Pai had no problem getting Net Neutrality repealed and remember: The TSA is always hiring.

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