TSA may allow in-flight marijuana


After hanky panky and Denver, yet another definition of the Mile High Club.

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…er…you’re allowed to smoke on airplane flights in the 'States?

Yeah, the headline threw me off too. It should really read “TSA may allow you to bring your medical marijuana on the plane”.

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…at least until they do a sudden 180 and throw all those trusting stoners in the slam for possession.


Not that people haven’t been imbibing in-flight before now, but it sure would make the trip through security less stressful.

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Somehow just because it mentioned the TSA, I imagined this scenario playing out in the most dickish way possible.

“We keep confiscating the pot and sending people to the local authorities, but they keep telling us that it’s legal in this state and won’t do anything about it! How are we supposed to arrest people if they’re not breaking the law? You know what, screw it, we’re not even going to arrest them anymore, I hope you’re happy, state government. pouts


“If they’re high enough, maybe they’ll somehow forget how miserably incompetent and needlessly invasive we are, opiate of the masses and all that…”


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And now, in Great Moments in Pedantry:
OK, so…they can bring the medical marijuana on the plane, but they can’t use it, if I understand you correctly.

They have no problem with you being high when they’re selling a tiny bag of potato chips at $14 a pop on the snack cart.


Well, as @Scooter mentioned above - there’s always edibles. But yes, one presumes that smoking of any kind will still be banned on flights. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I can’t read this story without thinking of the inevitable follow-up a few days/a couple of weeks from now, when the TSA “arrests” someone for trying to bring their medication with them, and leaves them stripped naked in an airport screening room/jail cell for 8 hours while they interrogate and threaten them.

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Open flames or even just smouldering combustibles are pretty much an aviation no-no anywhere outside of an engine.

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Seeing as smoking (tobacco) was allowed on planes for years and years, and all reasons given for it being banned referred pretty much exclusively to the health risks, I don’t think that has much to do with anything.


I’m talking policy, not reasoning.


Sanity from the TSA?

It’s a trap!


One of the reasons that smoking was banned on ALL Canadian domestic flights.

Such a loss…


I think, that perhaps, just perhaps, Cory was having a little fun with the headline.

I tell you this much . . . about three years ago when I was travelling around the US someone gave me a small sample of stinky weed in Boston and it was too potent to finish so I packed it in my bag for a flight to California. On that route my bags are inevitably searched (after check-in) and I receive a kind but scary note saying that my “bags have been searched” BUT NOTHING ABOUT THE WEED which was tucked into an even more suspicious small bag of Chinese tea bells. When I told my (old) Mom about the note she said " . . . they were looking for drugs"

Edibles aren’t very useful for the stress of dealing with TSA, at least if you drove yourself to the airport; they usually take an hour to kick in. But they may help you sleep on the plane, and if nothing else, the TSA’s going to be less suspicious of a brownie in your luggage than a jar of “oregano”.