Watch: Cigarette addict caught smoking in plane bathroom threatens to kill everyone on board


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Tobacco, it’s a hell of a drug. She should have just eaten one these new adults only ‘edibles’.
Of course she must be jonesing for her nicotine and that gum aint cuttin it.

Try cannabis, it might be right for you.


Too bad those types can’t be detected and stopped by TSA before boarding.



I’m that way with pizza, it’s wrong I know.


Props to the air crew for handling it well.

(forget I said the below… turns out Southwest doesn’t have first class but they have nicer seats than I"m used to)
I notice she was in first class. Entitlement, yeehaw. Some people can be gracious about having more money than the average schmno… many cannot.


I guess that explains why she didn’t have any chewing tobacco, but not why she didn’t bring any Nicorette.


And you make that observation based on what?


Psychotic anxiety attacks can be difficult to handle.


She seems nice.


Based on those other comments she must be in the emergency exit isle.


Well huh, I’ve never been on Southwest. Their normal seats look much nicer than the cattle class I’m used too. Thanks for pointing that out… I’ll amend my post.


She looks like a white terrorist to me.


Not brown enough.


I’m surprised she survived. I guess she must not have been very convincing in her threats, because I suspect a lot of people’s reaction to someone threatening to kill everyone on the plane would not be to sit quietly and hope for the best.


That was just appalling and embarrassing, and is symptomatic of many of the ills of society. I couldn’t watch more than a few seconds before I had to turn away. This is why we can’t have nice things. It could all have been avoided if the utter imbecile had just rotated their phone through 90 degrees before shooting the fucking video.


anyone know the original source of the video clip?


At the very end you see someone from the back rushes up and moves the flight attendant out of the way and begins dealing with the woman in some way.

So as you said, someone did not sit quietly and hope for the best.


Okay, when they say that it’s a crime to tamper with the smoke detectors on planes, during the take off safety drill, I had just kind of thought that it was a leftover. It never occurred to me people actually did tamper with smoke detectors.


Beat me to it; I was gonna say nicotine withdrawal is a real bitch.

Of course I only know from watching people in my family go through it; cigs have never been my personal vice of choice.


Yes, an idiot who doesn’t know which way to hold their phone.