Watch: Cigarette addict caught smoking in plane bathroom threatens to kill everyone on board


Watch: some poor human being with an obvious mental illness has an unfortunate episode in the worst place possible.

My dear mother-in-law who is honestly one of the sweetest kindest souls I ever met once fought two male nurses so viciously that she ended up with a dislocated shoulder. She was screaming terrible invectives the whole time. Bipolar mania is a hell of a drug. It would break my wife’s heart if there was a viral video of the episode.

More things on heaven and earth, there but for the grace of God, etc. Not trying to be sanctimonious, just to remind everybody that there’s a person trapped in there.

Eta: yeah I still ended up sounding sanctimonious. Sorry y’all, I was trying to say it kindly - maybe it needs emojis. :blush:


Horrible stuff. Specially when you smoke a few cigarettes on top. I found that my mouth felt like a tumor had formed in seconds. Almost as bad as that Zyban or as I liked to call it, the “are you looking at me?” drug.


THIS. All I thought was of a brown skinned person spoke like this. Someone would have shived her and been lauded as a hero.


Not sanctimonious in the least. I, too, think this is not about a mere cigarette fit, but much more ITO mental health issues. They did the right thing landing, and arresting the person in question - and deal with the mental health at that juncture. Otherwise they should have nicorette gum to offer … or nicotine injections on board…?


Dude, look closely. Notice anything special about her skin color?

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What a liar. She’d kill 2, three people tops before getting winded.


Next up: “Nicotine gum available on board for the low low price of $100! Just ask your flight attendant!”


What’s gonna happen when she finds out there’s no smoking in jail?


So you’re the person disabling all the airline lavatory pizza detectors! Busted.

I was going to say they might want to keep some nicotine gum or a sedative for such cases, but then i remembered unless you are an EMT-I or Doctor, you can’t just dole out medicine, even if people seem to need it.

LOL. She committed to quite a laborious task. I’m really laughing out loud. You tickled my gallows humor spot. :slight_smile:

Makes one wonder why they have the type of detectors that can be tampered with in the first place. That isn’t a difficult problem to solve.

I’m envisioning ones that couldn’t be tampered with and the visible ones are just fakes that contain some sort of dye pack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol.

That can’t be right…



Not sanctimonious in the least.

I’m completing my third week of Fluoxetine, the generic of Prozac, and the adjustment period is not at all pleasant. Two days ago, the paranoia kicked in so hard I was afraid to leave the house and I was whispering to my cats when I could have been talking out loud.
I’m good though. No suicidal urges, and no severed ears.

The cats still wouldn’t land the damned plane, though.


Was it Sharon Stone? Were they going to arrest her for smoking?



Didn’t see that one coming - bravo! Have the internet for the day.

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I’d cut her some slack. She was probably en route to Alabama.

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Was it a good guy with a pack of smokes? I understand that’s the only solution to a bad guy with a pack of smokes.


I favour the Irwin Record Pro.



No kidding, it’s too bad she was on a plane when this one happened.

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I used to be a heavy smoker. I did some long hauls to Australia, Brazil and Europe. I made it without being an ass. If you’re THAT hardcore, get some Nicorette or the patch.

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Usually a good choice, but a bit unwieldy in cramped spaces like planes, trains and automobiles.
I’d go with something like a HK MP5, with the collapsible butt.

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