Arthritic woman arrested at Disney World for having CBD oil in her purse files lawsuit


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Disney really stepped in it this time. Hopefully the result of this lawsuit will shed a lot of light on how ridiculous this aspect of the war on some drugs is.


Isn’t CBD legal in Cali? If the OC Sheriff’s field tests can’t tell the difference between CBD and THC, then yeah - they’ve got a big legal problem on their hands…


Its legal and in this case she was using it at the direction of her physician. You done goofed Disney.


If I recall, Federal law classifies it as illegal b/c it’s from the same plant as THC. But why is Disney World and the sheriff acting on behalf of the Federal government? This is a state enforcement issue.


Disney World is in Florida. Disney Land is in California.


I want to know how they found it. Do they search old ladies’ purses before letting them enter the park? If they do, I would assume they are looking for firearms or other weapons. Why are they scrutinizing little bottles of liquid? Do they also check medications, to verify that the guest has a legitimate prescription?


Yes, it is, but Disney World is in Orange County, Florida, not Orange County, California.

I don’t know what the legal status is in Florida. I believe medical marijuana is legal there, but maybe there are hoops that need to be jumped through that she didn’t?

In any case, it was really stupid of the Disney people to get police involved.


It appears that this was at Disney World in Orlando. I did a quick search online and it seems that CBD oil isn’t legal in Florida.


Ah, wrong OC - thanks.


Yes they search all bags going into the park, most places do. Then security found something illegal in Florida (clearly labeled at that) and notified the on-site police who made the arrest. It obviously shouldn’t be illegal, and the primary reason for 100% searches of all bags is because of gun fetishism. Whether a security guard can turn someone away for having illegal stuff versus notifying the police is a much greyer area.


Aw man, Mickie is a narc?

Yep… I went a whole week and already had visited Disney once before an eagle eyed secuity guy saw my pocket knive clipped onto my pocket and made me put it in a lock box :confused:

Next time, Buzz Lightyear… next time…


She didn’t bring enough to share with everyone else!


But Florida Man is doing stupid shit all over.


Yes, like all big parks, they do security checks. They found her CBD, she identified it as prescription CBD (which is not legal in Florida), and when they spot-tested it, found THC.

This isn’t so much a “Disney did something stupid” situation as “the confusing legal gray area that CBD/THC sits in from state to state is a stupid situation that creates minefields like this one”.


So obviously the guard was a snitch, and Florida has summa the worst bacon, but, lady! You are old enough to know to stash that shit in your bra (/s so no one gets the idea I’m victim blaming :flushed:)


I’m not sure this lady has a case against Disney. She’s a victim of stupid state laws. The Disney guards didn’t do anything technically illegal in this case.


I live in Seattle where it is also legal. Just signed the lease yesterday for an apartment. Twenty six pages to sign. There were 3 or 4 separate documents all in various ways just stating I cannot poses or use paraphernalia or any cannabis products. All the documents say they don’t care about state law and only follow federal guidelines. I’m guessing D land has legal verbiage along the same line when you buy a ticket.


Thus it’s best to travel with a bag of CBD gummy bears instead of the oil.

Sugar for your "diabetes "


When I had a flight to Nashville I bought a bag of assorted candy and dropped my special candies in there. I could pick them out blindfolded but to the causal observer it all looked the same in an assorted way.