Nurse banned for life from Carnival Cruise over CBD gummies

Originally published at: Nurse Earns Lifetime Cruise Ban Over CBD Gummies

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Sucks to be her, but it’s a private ship, and they do have rules about what things they consider contraband.

Not sure how that’s supposed to play out any other way.


On the one hand: their boat, their rules.

On the other hand: what a stupid fucking rule, especially considering their whole business model is largely about getting people wasted in international waters.



You can’t bring nail clippers on a cruise ship?
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Everyone who crises knows you leave that stuff home. If you need drugs on the cruise ship, you see one of these two:



This decision was based on your actions on the current cruise, which were a violation of the ship’s rules, interfered with the safety and/or enjoyment of other guests on the ship, or caused harm to Carnival.

It may be their rule, but it doesn’t fall under their own justification for said rule. In what conceivable way were CBD gummies interfering with anyone else, or harmful to the cruise company? They’re essentially admitting “this decision was based on nothing.”


Not a great ad for Carnival for sure.


I don’t know, but if they’re calling at countries with stricter drug laws, it could lead to real problems for passengers and/or the cruise company. The retaliation is obviously excessive, but the rule itself may well be reasonable.

(As noted above, cruise lines have no problem with passengers getting wasted per se)

Forget about other countries, this happened in Florida, a state where they like to arrest great-grandmothers for posession of CBD oils:


I’ve also been banned for life from cruise ships. It’s enforced by my common sense.


If the cruise was headed to the Bahamas, like a lot of Carnival’s cruises, CBD is illegal there. So from that standpoint Carnival would be “justified” in enforcing no CBD on Bahamas-bound cruises. Now whether a lifetime ban is reasonable, in these times of “come for the norovirus, stay for the Covid” on cruise ships, maybe Carnival is doing her a favor.


Wow, that is 1929 x 1960s fresh hell. Does anyone make interdiction on it but Carnival?

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goodbye, carnival.

Indeed, she’s better off for it.

Again, I go back to “so you’re hard core banning over CBD gummies, but you’re serving alcohol?” Yeah, it’s their ship, they can do that, but it’s still idiotic.


I’d guess that the CBD ban is related to US Federal regulation of both US waters and cannabis. I can’t imagine any scenario that would allow Carnival to have cannabis on board AND sail in US waters.

I’m fairly certain Carnival doesn’t sail in Idaho, South Dakota, or Nebraska

It’s right in the FAQs at Carnival’s web site. Number one on the list of prohibited items:

While certain CBD products used for medicinal purposes may be legal in the US, they are not legal in all the ports we visit and therefore are also considered prohibited items.

The passenger didn’t do their homework so they learned an expensive lesson the hard way. Carnival might have done them a favor - getting arrested in a foreign country on drug charges could end up being way worse than losing the price of a cruise ticket.


It’s wild that a pair of nail clippers is what set it off!
I’ve never been on a cruise, do they do the same security theater as TSA, where you have to pull out your liquids and send them through in a separate bag?
Even then, though, you don’t need to take out clippers. I can’t find a photo of the clippers but am assuming they must be different than the common sort I’m thinking of.
Either way, seems like an overly extreme response. She clearly didn’t know the rule, she didn’t even try to disguise them by taking them out of the bag she bought them in. Could’ve just confiscated them and let everyone on the ship.

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Note to self: when bringing CBD gummies on a cruise, put them in a bottle for vitamin gummies. And yeah, they could have allowed her to sail, minus the offending items. After all, the TSA will just confiscate your gun, not arrest you on the spot-if they even notice the weapon in the first place.