Is it safe to travel to Mexico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas in 2024?

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It’s always worth noting that Mexico is a huge, varied country and some regions are much safer than others. And the travel advisories from the US State Department reflect that:

The areas in yellow are the same level of advisory as most of Europe, including France, Italy and the U.K.

The region around Chichén Itza on the Yucatan peninsula isn’t under any travel advisory at all.



The answer inherently is “no.”

Life itself is not ‘safe;’ all any of us can really do is make better choices to mitigate needless risk.


Odd Egypt isn’t mentioned on the Lvl 04 advisory. Egypt being next to an ongoing war and all.

There have been some gang related killings/violence outside of Talum recently.

FWIW Some family just got back from Cancun and said they had an awesome time.


Personally I am more worried about the Sargassum ruining my beach vacation. So far, so good.


Yeah the last time we went on vacation to Mexico a lot of people were worried for us travelling to such a dangerous country even though the odds of us getting murdered in the area where we we were vacationing was statistically lower than the odds of us getting murdered in many U.S. states.


Chichén Itza is over a 2 hour drive from Tulum. Tourists very rarely get killed around Tulum anyway. There were two who got shot in crossfire at a restaurant in 2021, and as the article noted an American got caught in some crossfire in February. Compare that to the regular violence that we see in many major American cities thanks to our ubiquitous gun ownership. I doubt it’s statistically much more dangerous (if at all) for a tourist in Tulum than many tourist spots in the U.S. like Venice Beach.


I don’t think it’s news to anyone that the State Department advisories are too broad-brush and overblown. Obviously designating entire countries or states a single category of safety is, in most cases, not helpful. On that Mexico map there are sub-state areas coded orange and even red that should really be yellow (like, where I currently live, in the orange area). Go ahead and visit Puerto Vallarta or San Miguel de Allende or even Morelia; you’ll be OK.

But it’s important to remember that a broad brush can also hide real dangers; there are areas coded yellow in that Mexico map that absolutely should be red. I do not recommend visiting the “yellow” area near the border with Guatemala right now.


Those advisories come from US embassy and or consulate Regional Security Officers (RSO). Those guys are usually MAGA types and are scared of everything.



Gun violence

The rate of firearm possession in the US is high. It’s legal in many states for US citizens to openly carry firearms in public.

Incidences of mass shootings occur, resulting most often in casualties. Although tourists are rarely involved, there is a risk of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Familiarize yourself on how to respond to an active shooter situation.


i have never felt unsafe in Mexico. Papi lives way down in Oaxaca and it is just a beautiful place. we take taxis everywhere and have never been threatened. of course it helps that we are fluent in the language (Oaxacan Spanish is peppered with Mayan words, making it very distinct). my times in Chetumal and Cozumel (Quintana Roo, Yucatan) were always lovely, non-threatening and safe, even at night in the bars and taquerias, walking on the old streets.
i hated Jamaica, but maybe because Ocho Rios is a scummy tourist trap. it seemed everyone you met wanted to hustle you. still, i did not feel in any physical danger.
Bahamas is freakin’ incredible! but we only ever boat across and stay in Bimini for the fishing and snorkeling. of course, that means we are out of the big cities like Nassau on Providence Island.
Mexico is big and diverse. even border towns have areas that are safe, while others should be avoided. be aware of your situation and surroundings, stay moderately sober and never try to buy drugs on the street or in bars.


Preach; it’s very much this:


Thank you! I was gonna say it can’t be worse that the violence we experience every day here in the states.

Two weeks ago, my wife was on her afternoon jog. Same route for seven years. Well, wrong place, wrong time. She was hit by a stray bullet from two idiots chasing each other in cars. Luckily no major organs hit. Just bruised lung and three broken ribs and a week in the hospital plus who knows how long recovery. It was a horrible experience.

So, yeah, for the US to judge the violence of other countries is somewhat laughable. In fact, I would say Canada should up its warning for our failing state.


This. And the touristy areas are even safer than the general area around it.


As a white American male who expects to receive the same level of obsequence abroad that I receive at home, I am shocked and appalled at the idea that I might not be safe going wherever I please. Shocked and appalled!


Has the state department issued a warning about traveling to that dangerously violent place called “America” otherwise known as The United States?


The first 3 or so times I visited Jamaica with mom back in the 90s, we stayed at a hotel in Ocho Rios. Ochi was still mostly OK then, unless there was a cruise ship in port, which was only 2-3 times/week 'steada 2-3/day like now.

We tried Negril, but it’s fulla hustlers, higglers, hookers, and the burned-out, drunken, decadent AF tourists from ugh Hedonism. We watched a terrified-looking couple with little kids escape a belligerent hustler by dashing across the road, and felt so sorry for them.

All the scary BS only went down in and around Kingston then, but now parts of the island we considered V safe suffer from way higher crime rates. Never used to hear about shit happening in Montego Bay ferinstance, but now there are no-go areas.

I spent a lot of time 'pon De Island, love it and desperately miss it, but JA’s gotta clean up her act Big Time b4 I’d even consider or recommend travelling there. {ETA: This isn’t old-white-lady-tourist-omnifear, either. I read J’can newspapers and watch J’can news channels on yt.}

I live in Detroit, FFS. I wouldn’t want a vacation in another crime-addled place - I enjoy being allowed to let my street smarts/vigilance relax along with the rest of me.


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