Is Oprah going to run for President?


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The Rock can smell what Oprah is cooking


Trump set the bar so low, anyone with a really good speech seems like real candidate material.


That was a wonderful speech, but I would be very reticent to elect another billionaire with anti-scientific thinking. For example:

I don’t need another rich person telling the poor, the sick, the disabled, the oppressed, that they alone can change their lives and that, if they don’t do it, it is their own fault.


If she shook up the Democratic Party establishment into fielding serious candidates rather than a backroom “choice” of one, that would be good.


Because it worked so well the last time we elected a TV personality with no political experience…


I think unfortunately people aren’t learning this lesson from Trump. They just think he’s inept and maybe evil, but they don’t get that a significant aspect of his ineptitude is magnified by his ignorance of political institutions and processes. The other side of the spectrum is the legitimate concern that “career politicians who only want to be president are corrupt and will do anything for power…” but swinging to the other extreme for any candidate without political experience is a terrible idea, especially for the highest political office of all. You can’t natural talent or even idiot savant your way through a significant political office. The only thing inexperience is good for is what Trump’s doing: burning things down.


She’s not qualified to be president. She’s infinitely more qualified than Trump, it’s true, but she’s still not qualified to be president.
Trump has totally destroyed our standard for the office. He’s completely unqualified in so many different ways, such that if someone is unqualified in only a couple ways, they seem presidential in comparison.


Also Doctor Oz.


An arguably competent manager with an agreeable public face, unlikely to nuke anyone.

Where’s the profit in that?


…wait, what?


Will we all get a car?



I don’t want another celebrity President. When have celebrities ever done well in any elected public office? Reagan was a mess, Schwarzenegger was terrible… I don’t know or hear enough about Ventura to comment. So neutral on that one maybe?



Another thought.


I cannot question that she’s done a lot of remarkable things, and of course practically anyone would be better than Trump. But I remember the scandal over the school in South Africa:

In a video news conference from Chicago, the media magnate described how she cried in her apartment in Chicago when she learnt of the news.
“It has shaken me to my core,” Ms Winfrey told reporters in South Africa. “…This has been one of the most devastating, if not the most devastating experience of my life.”

A hell of a lot more than Trump did with Trump University, of course.


Yeah. And another. She’s the ultimate booster of bootstraperism. She’d likely follow Obama in telling black kids that their real problem is that they need to pull up their pants (or was that Cosby?).

Oprah’s enterprise reinforces the neoliberal focus on the self: Oprah’s “enterprise [is] an ensemble of ideological practices that help legitimize a world of growing inequality and shrinking possibilities by promoting and embodying a configuration of self compatible with that world.”




I don’t buy it that she would want to become president.

Why on earth would she want to give up the awesome social and political power she now owns in order to become just another politician?