Oprah Winfrey speaks out at the Golden Globe awards


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A disconcerting number of Americans right now: “wait, Rosa Parks was an investigator and longtime activist for the NAACP? I thought she was just some lady who happened to get tired on a bus?”


There’s also been quite of bit of talk about her and 2020

But let’s be quite clear. I don’t mean to throw ice water on this but, she has had a long history making quite a profit off of junk science. I mean she made millions off of Dr Phil and Oz’s bullshit and almost gave Jenny McCarthy her own show around the time she came on her show to talk about connecting vaccines to autism.

Plus you going to have an extremely difficult time making her win over the younger generation seeing how she injected her own show with the latest moral panics of the day that got under the skin of the kids of parents who watched that show religiously. Many of those kids couldn’t have one of those ‘jelly bracelets’ in that big fad because Oprah said they were used in those ‘rainbow parties’ http://hoaxes.org/weblog/comments/rainbow_parties

If she did ran, she’s going to have a extremely difficult uphill climb in the primaries.


"A new car in everybody’s driveway!" (Future campaign slogan)


I doubt many members of “the younger generation” even knew about that, and that even fewer will remember it by 2020.

The much bigger problem she would have is simply running as a black woman. In so many Americans’ eyes, that may be the single least credible identity set there is.


I agree that she’s demonstrated poor judgement on the topic of evidence-based medicine. And it goes without saying that just because someone is a brilliant orator and a successful businessperson that doesn’t mean they necessarily possess the skill sets for governing a country.

However if “celebrity status over qualifications” is going to be the new normal for Presidential candidates then what the hell. She beats the heck out of Maury Povich.


I think we can do better…



You really want a puppet government?


A powerful speech. Given the “concern” expressed around here recently about opposition to the white male patriarchy morphing in some vague and unsupported way* into the persecution of put-upon and oppressed white men like myself, this bit is worth pulling:

And every man – every man who chooses to listen.

Key word: “chooses.” Really, my fellow privileged white males, it’s not so bloody difficult and, unless you’re an entitled and insecure greedpig, you lose nothing by making the choice to listen.

[* “something-something identity politics”]


And isn’t that the key part of privilege right there. When you have a choice whether or not to listen, to comply, you have a massive advantage over those who do not.

Look at the crying that occurs when other people (the traditional compliant listeners) try to invoke that same power. The whining that doing so is oppression. Even here, the massive debates over whether someone ought to be allowed to mute someone else or say “don’t talk to me.”


I don’t know about that.

“Maury 2020: You Are … Not the Father!”

Free DNA tests for all beats Surgeon General Dr. Oz.


It wouldn’t be a puppet government, it would be a muppet government. Very different.



Transcript, for those who cannot video: http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/08/entertainment/oprah-globes-speech-transcript/index.html


A Sesame Street character would come with all kinds of conflicts of interest though. You just know all those guys are in the pocket of Big G and the number 6.


I am sure that a lot of British people already think you have one. Also look at the second Major ministry for another example.


I did not know this! And here I was thinking it was just about cute, cuddly Henson-made puppets!


What are Golden Globe Awards for, anyway?


Originally they were an excuse for European journalists to get plastered in the company of B- and C-list Hollywood celebrities. That’s still the case, but they’ve added in A-list celebrities and previews of Oscar and Emmy winners.



More of a “spoiler alert.”