Is Oprah going to run for President?


Yeah, of course, but a Dem pres said similar things. Probably Clinton (it’s late for me here).

(Did you get a chance to read my guardian link? It’s excellent!)


It worked for Trump.


He didn’t want to become president, he just wanted to run for office, lose, and then launch his own TV network.

Winfrey lacks Trump’s ego insecurities, so that isn’t an issue. And she already has the power to get millions of white women to buy and read books they would otherwise never touch. I really don’t see what she would gain by running for office, but I can see a lot that she would lose.


I don’t see it happening, but that was a damn good speech.

I hope she backs someone worthwhile in 2020, but right now I’m more focused on the 2018 Midterms.


Reposting just one thing from the other thread:


I think Ventura was a decent governor, due to the fact that like some former celebrity politicians (Al Franken, despite his failings), he was truly concerned with what’s happening to the country and seeking ways to combat the government stupidity.
He’s not far left enough for my personal taste, but I’ll take a level-headed, proactive conservative over so many of the buffoons in office today.

And I’ll say it again. We can and should have another Obama in the White House.



Biggest problem is that to be a good politician you must have studied politics, and made your political career starting in a small town council, maybe be elected mayor in a tiny city before going to regional or national position.
I don’t know in USA but in Italy was the norm that if one was interested in politics in the '70s there were “party schools” where more seasoned politicians explained to the novice how the adminisitrative machine worked, explained the Constitution and some law.

The skills required to manage a city are quite different to the skill to manage a real estate company.


Well, I stand corrected. And enlightened.

Maybe I should just find a nice Nordic woman and gain citizenship.


It’s an option.

But there is still another option…


Yeah, I already knew Obama wasn’t a good guy despite how good he was at making all the right noises, but holy crap, that litany of evil compiled on Twitter blew me away.

Anyone who doesn’t know he was actually. worse. than. Dubya. needs to read it.


The problem is not really the people in the office. It’s not an individual thing; it’s systemic.

The problem is the empire.



So if Bernie had got in, he would’ve just been assassinated, you figure?



OTOH, foreign policy is one of the most notable weaknesses in Bernie’s policy position. His focus is nearly entirely domestic, and he does not strongly oppose US imperialism.

Bernie’s a good dude, but he’s no radical.


I’d be the first to admit she’d be far better then Trump, but I really think we’d be doing ourselves a disservice to let a bar as low as “far better than Trump” become the new standard.


I agree with you, but I’m a card-carrying member of the Coastal Liberal Media Elite (by the new definition of “Elite” that means you think a certain way, not that you have money or power). It seems that a lot of people reject the idea that “professionalism” is an advantage, and that only a lot of money combined with ignorance indicates virtue.


I think he’d make poor spouse material, being dead and all…


A smooth-talking neo-liberal billionaire? No thank you.


I hope not. Just the fact that CNN is blasting this idea is very worrisome. Frankly, I don’t even think it is a lack of critical thinking from their part: Oprah candidacy seems to have been decided before she was nominated for the award, and her speech was clearly focused on that. It is a masterpiece of political strategy, but what for?

We may hate politicians, but leave politics to them. Being a ‘stable genius on business’ has nothing to do with governing, as they are almost complete opposites in terms of negotiation, decision-making, accountability and impact on third-parties. Trump and the US are learning that in the most painful way.

Will she make unpopular decisions if long term thinking requires? Will she push the button and nuke N. Korea if that really comes to the point of necessity?