Is Oprah going to run for President?



So she’s Obama, with added Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, and a side dish of Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret”. How many bank fraudsters is she likely to prosecute?

(Edit) On the other hand, based on the previous three turnout results the Democrats have probably nominated their last white candidate for the presidency, so she certainly has a chance.



Nah. I don’t need carefully-edited propaganda bullshit this morning, thank you.

Trashing Obama as ‘worse than Bush’ is the worst kind of ignorant revisionist history.


The thing that irritates me most about having the inheritance tax paid by my heirs is being dead.

That and guys who are worth more than the $10,000,000 threshold to be taxed whining.

Poor Walter. The burdens of being that wealthy are just too much to bear.

There’s a rule - no whining on the yacht!


it’s only a matter of time.


Can we cool it with the hiring media celebrities to be presidents? We’ve done it a couple of times now and it hasn’t exactly gone well. If everyone is going to insist that we hire somebody with zero political experience, could we at least try someone whose previous job wasn’t to literally say whatever it takes to get people to like them?


I love that gif so much, thank you for returning it to my consciousness.

Oprah is famous for two things: Giving away expensive gifts, and pulling at peoples heart strings until the money falls out.


If I were american, I would vote for Terry Crews as President Comacho.

Wouldn’t you?


Let me say right off that I am not a fan of the idea of Oprah as president. If we’re hoping for a candidate with minimal baggage, closet skeletons, and concerting issues… yikes. She ain’t it. As others have noted, she has a bad habit of befriending/supporting junk medicine supporters, antivaxxers, and pro-billionaire elites. And cripes, her hawking of The Secret should scare the hell out of anyone right away; I don’t want a president who sincerely believes that the universe will give you millions of dollars or a boat if you pray really hard for it.

And I fear that her public popularity would deter far more qualified but less well known (and well connected) candidates from even bothering to try.

THAT SAID. The public is really really discouraged about the entire concept of voting for president right now, and the dearth of halfway-interesting candidates isn’t helping. If a popular, charismatic celebrity is what we need to counter a similarly popular, charismatic celebrity and get people excited about voting, well, that’s at least something.

I’ll put it this way. My neighborhood has had a horrible, crappy, run-down insurance office in it for nearly a decade; everyone hates it. It shut down and a Subway took its place, which nobody was exactly thrilled by, either. But when it closed, a really terrific indie deli took over, and it was pretty easy for them to do so, because Subway had done the hard work of converting the crappy office into a deli. Things are so junky right now in Washington that maybe Oprah is our Subway.


Exactly. Thank you for what will surely stand for me as Perfect Metaphor of the Day.


Another nice metaphor, but I can’t say I like what this one has to say.

I’d rather push for a progressive now, instead of hoping that another wacky billionaire functions as the gateway drug towards a progressive somewhere down the road.


Yeah, this is the kind of magical thinking that got Trump elected too. We don’t need any more populist celebrities. Oprah is smart and compassionate and high integrity - (all awesome things), and also brings the much-needed perspective of a POC and a woman (also awesome), but I’m tired of Americans using identity politics as the key litmus - we need candidates who are highly experienced at civics, law, service, democracy and science (!) as well as being highly intelligent and good character. She would need to rely on advisors too much (who were NOT elected), much as Trump needs to. Additionally (and this is a big one), Oprah has a terrible history of endorsing and promoting harmful charlatans and crackpots, and that is exactly the poison Americans need to be avoiding like the plague right now. Magical thinking is killing our country and making us uncompetitive in the highly technical, hypermodern, 21st-century global economy. We used to be the envy of the world where it came to technical literacy, math, science and engineering; it’s what won WWII and put humans on the moon and reduced famine and plagues to historically low levels. I love Oprah and respect the hell out of her she’s commonly the smartest person in the room in Hollywood exec meetings - but I don’t want her public penchant for pseudoscience being the role model for our next generation of citizens. YMMV.


Vice President Pat Sajak! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Absolutely! I’m sincerely hoping that a progressive that we can all push for comes along. I would dearly love an exciting, invigorating candidate with progressive, forward-thinking ideas that would get people to the polls. We’re three years out, but so far I’m not seeing much that fits that description yet.


I’m not a fan of Oprah running for president, but I don’t think she is populist. If anything, she is one of the elites that populists hate.


Oh yeah, I wasn’t endorsing her as a presidential candidate, hell no! “Better than Trump” is no qualification for high office. (Or any office.)

I’m hoping that it wakes up the Democrats that they’d better get in front of the wave against Trump in 2018 and 2020 or be under it.


I think her second point is great. For the first, it’s probably impossible to predict a good candidate, but if someone plans to run in 2020, 2018 is the year you have start getting your shit together.


I think either Condoleezza Rice or Michelle Obama would be better candidates.


Could Oprah consider running as a Republican? Would that be better or worse?