Is Stormy Daniels being shadowbanned on Twitter?


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Wouldn’t doubt it. She is a woman and she is talking while men are talking. What did we think was going to happen?


It’s a private company and it’s free, what do you want?


Who might be doing this?

Sounds like work of Moose and Squirrel


Who are you, again?



Do you trust the service in this place?


It is the work of a totally neutral, math-based algorithm and it would be unethical for us to “fix” it. /s


Ah… I think this is true of everyone.

I just searched for “Elon Musk”, and his “Latest” tab doesn’t have any of his tweets either.

Same goes for a “Donald Trump” search - “Latest” has none of his tweets.


I seriously doubt this was intentional - I’m not seeing any tweets with either daniels or stormy. If this were a shadow-ban then we would at least see links to news articles about her, not tweets that don’t reference her in any way.

This has to be a bug of some kind.


so it is a bug, then

edit: and apparently a bug that doesn’t affect me (only people with the blue check mark?)


There’s non-Trump content on Twitter? who knew?


Top is where you find whatever is the most popular or active for your search, somewhat irrespective of when the tweet occurred. Latest is the latest tweets that match the search, but specifically with tweets from the account you’re searching for removed. I think Latest is more like a “What’s the buzz about the thing you searched for” essentially, and doesn’t necessarily include an account your search matches.

Really I think it’s just a wording issue and how you want to interpret the meaning of “Latest” Latest by that person? Or latest chatter about that person. It’s coded to be the latter, but in this case the story assume’s it’s the former.


Yeah no, this isn’t specific to Stormy Daniels. Search for others (I searched for our own Rob), and similarly their own tweets won’t show up in “Latest”.

Note also that “Latest” isn’t even the default search result tab, “Top” is. And Stormy will show up in the “Who to follow” sidebar after searching for her.

So no, it’s just Twitter’s search being generally sucky for this kind of use-case. There is no conspiracy. Put down your pitchforks everyone.

Edit: and I’m a bit disappointed in Andrea posting this “news” without verification of its claims, which took me all of 30 seconds.


So when does Vir get his wish about seeing Trump’s head come true?


OT, but does Andrea have her own spreadsheet? :joy:

(But yeah, this is fake news normal Twitter operation.)


You’re disappointed that she asked a question that you could leap into action to address?

You don’t seem unhappy in the least.


This is the same private company that has two sets of rules for speech on their free private platform:

one for the botched and the bungled, and one for the rich & powerful.

sees it as damage and routes around it, my ass.


My task is to make you decide to believe differently. Would you like some of my sandwich?


Thanks, no. I’ll have the spoo, it’s spoo-flavored.



Don’t take this wrong, but I’d add it doesn’t affect you because you’re probably not very popular. People with blue check marks are popular (or think they are).