Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

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link goes to “page not found”.
are you tr0lling us, Mark or did you eat those gummies from Alex Jones’ website?


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Excellent question.


Mark’s blog post is dated May 19, 2008.


Now it can be told!


I was afraid the link would take to someone promising tô never give up.


I mean despite this being from 2008…

Um. Yeah. Of course they have a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law. The whole point of martial law is that the safety of the nation is jeopardized and that extrajudicial actions must occur to protect its safety. You can damn well bet the government has a plan in a folder about who to round up and where they are and where to put them. This isn’t Q-Anon bullshit, this is literally something we’ve already done in our country’s history at various points. The census bureau, despite having laws to the contrary , easily has this information alone and it absolutely will and could be taken advantage of.

Here’s a 2008 snapshot of the page to go with Marc’s 2008 blog post


So … why didn’t they use it two years ago then?

I seem to remember grumpiness in the streets …


They did up here in Portland. There were people being snatched off the street by feds into unmarked vans and disappeared for hours.

Why nothing ever came of that I’ll never know.


We had “martial law” in Portland?

or are we changing the subject to something else

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that didn’t require a government database or any preplanning. all that required was cbp running amok, which they were more than happy to do

this confuses me. i don’t remember any “do you want to overthrow the government, check this box yes or no”

the census might be used inappropriately, but why!? voter rolls have more information than the census ( and even that’s terribly thin data )

google and amazon know buckets more about your interests than the government


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