Is the yeti actually a bear?


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Apologies to any Svalbardians, but I always think of the polar bear kingdom in His Dark Materials when I hear the name. The awesome books, not the terrible movie. Maybe the Yeti is a talking polar bear with armor hammered from asteroidal metal.


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I knew you’d like this one, Pesco. Titchadesh!

The Study/Documentary this leak/announcement is from isn’t out yet. There’s potentially some more interesting stuff in there (they’ve claimed their evidence will “change the understanding of human history” or so such). But its long been suggested (as in from pretty much the beginning) that the Yeti is just a folkloric take on the Himalayan brown bear. Also IIRC “yeti” is a western adaptation of one or several local words, and most of the related terms from the Himalayan region where the yeti is reported either also refer to the brown bear or refer to it exclusively. Abominable Science just came out and it covers the history of this and several other cryptids pretty thoroughly. Prothero can be a bit mean/dismissive in other venues but the book is a great read.

Just drop the “yeti” skull on the floor and see what happens. As Yukon Cornelius said, “Everyone knows that bumbles bounce”.


According to Bob Dobbs, we are all YETIS…

Everybody knows the yeti is related to the wampa.

Yeah, this imaginary creature for which we have no actual evidence doesn’t exist. Instead, this guy suggest it’s this other creature for which we have no actual evidence! Not helping. What people call “yetis” is probably people seeing regular bears or other beasts. No need to suppose some random bear hybrid.

Unless I’m misreading something, nothing was being supposed. He merely tested the hair to see what the results were. It probably is a bear; doesn’t mean it’s not some sort of bear we’re unfamiliar with, however.

Is the yeti actually a bear?

Not yeti isn’t…


everyone knows yeti wear bear skins to keep warm…yeesh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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