Is this the world's oldest, simplest chair design?


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That one with the curved back looks cool. I wonder if it’s comfortable. And I wonder if I’d be remotely capable of getting up out of it.


Even older than that


Exactly. The idea that it is the simplest presupposes the existence of the dimensional lumber that it is made from.


The so-called Viking Chair design actually has a scaling flaw that some designers have figured out how to get around:

“The chairs are usually very small and the seat is very low. After the first sketches, I noticed that it is not possible to enlarge the chair, because the wood of the seat is then extremely far backwards and the chair would occupy a lot of space. This problem was solved by bending the wood.”

But at the expense of the original design concept based on the idea that Vikings used them on ships.

“Unfortunately, the chair has lost the original advantages of this chair concept through the bend. The chair is neither space-saving, nor easy to transport.”


I feel like I need to draw a paleolithic Ikea set of instructions for using a rock to sit on.


An Ikea chair that was as comfortable as a rock.


Not sure…


dang, shoulda checked the thread. :smiley:


Even older than that:


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that there’s gotta be the winner.


These look like they’ll snap like two sticks if you sit down on them too hard.


Had some side-effects though.


That’s got to be right, because NOTHING is older than dirt! :wink:


A pal of mine had one of these that he had picked up in his travels in Africa. I sat on it for hours and it was surprisingly comfortable.


Just sit on whatever happens to be around and call it “chair”. Boom, done.


liking the ‘tam tam’

or even that one


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