ISIS maps


Psh, who controls territory anymore? Geezers with their border fences and nation states. Nowadays, it’s all about controlling flows.

So, roads and cities under ISIS control , sure, that’s not much in debate.

But, burning question: what of the tens of thousands of square miles of semi-arid farmland, and millions of head of sheep?

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Has anybody over there made even a feeble attempt at governing? This is not a rhetorical question, I’m not very knowledgeable on the subject. I keep hearing the word caliphate, but no mention of a Caliph.

They declared themselves a caliphate on June 29, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was named as caliph. They’ve been providing things like courts, health clinics, emergency food relief and other government or pseudo-governmental services in at least some of the areas they control, particularly in Syria - it’s part of what’s helped them create or maintain legitimacy.

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