iSperm: sperm analyzer for iPad

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Pretty sure this isn’t the first time anyone who used web-browsing device got sperm on their screen.


Can I upload the results onto my OKCupid profile?


I picture the Reuters reporter wondering around, “Any of you pig farmers have the last name of Wang?”

I’ve been casually leaving my phone on the bar with this app open. Limited results so far.

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FDA approval? Who needs approval for a free image processing app? (Another day, another reason to allow sideloading - even if The Man says an app cannot be made available in a country X, it still should be possible to download from country Y and install without relying on app stores that can be legally bullied into not carrying the app.)

That said, microscopes are cool and their proliferation (and the associated, licensed and unlicensed, image processing) is a good thing.

It won’t be long before someone develops an online score board for insecure men to compare virility.

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I’m more concerned about Wang’s interest in getting his pigs pregnant, are swine-human hybrids really the best step at this point?

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