Smart jock strap: testicle sensor device helps improve sperm count


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A fitbit for your bits.


Can I warm them up with my cell phone?
I want advertisers to know my sperm count.


I’m sure there’s no way that this could turn into a privacy nightmare.



Someone remind me, is there some positive health benefit to having a high sperm count?


Someone please tell me we’re finally reaching the plateau for peak ‘smart devices.’


Being more manly and virile? /s

I guess it’s important if a man and his partner are attempting to have a babbie… otherwise, I dunno? Canary in the coalmine issue, perhaps? It can indicate other health issues?



=Cyberpunk as Fuck.

=Hippie wigs in Woolworths.

Although, I am intrigued to see how this item reacts to ‘The street finds its own use for things’


Maybe they’ll make a heater for guys looking to avoid having kids?


I’d prefer to have my tubes cut, sounds a lot less painful.


So - no mini microwave briefs for you?


Wonder how well this works in the brutal heat of summer.


Should it be asymmetrical?


A man buys a smart jockstrap to try to increase his sperm count. It burns out after a couple of hours and he returns it to the store.

“What seems to be the problem with it?” asks the clerk.

“The damn thing’s allergic to my nuts.” says the man.





Ohhh, I want one.


How 'bout you just don’t have kids?


Let me guess, like all other IOT devices it’s got shitty security.

As if I really want the Chinese to steal data about my balls.


“My boys need a house”