It looked like sheer fun grabbing "free money" from an armored truck, but 2 people were arrested

Yeah if there’s anyone you can trust with a big wad of unmarked bills it’s American law enforcement.

All that cash blowing along the highway ought to brighten the day of a few convicts working road cleanup duty, though.


Cleaning litter that some company illegally dumped is a public service.

That’s my story.


Maybe they did a runner with another bag or two of bills. I mean, if someone thinks they are about to get fired anyway, the prospect of a DiY severance package is mighty tempting in the heat of the moment.

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Folks from Philly refer to it as “The Joey Coyle Story.” There’s no such thing as free money, especially from an armored truck or ATM.


Put me on that jury

Let he/she/they who would not have done the exact same thing throw the first stone.

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How the hell does an armored car door just open up and money go flying out? Aren’t they locked tight? And all the cash in bags/boxes?

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This got me to wondering how often armored cars are robbed each year, so I went and looked it up.

This is a rundown of only robberies in the USA and it’s territories…


Shit! Christmas came early but so did the grinch.

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Being that there’s no way to confirm how much cash those people picked up to begin with, the big brain move here is to just return a fraction of however much you’ve collected.


Security theater.

Which will be scrapped anyway, might as well grab some.

I would take one of those “power rakes” being endlessly advertised on TV at this time of the year over a shop vac. If it can suck up a yard full of leaves why not a highway full of bills?


It was heavy handed that the people who got locked out of their cars were arrested. Why not just take the cash back, help them into their car (if nothing else police know how to break windows) and let them drive away to clear the road.

Have you seen the price of avocados? I’m surprised more produce trucks aren’t hijacked for those tasty little money grenades.


Nobody will realize if we just take the HALF avocados… /officespace.

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Nobody will realize if we just take the avocados that don’t quite fit in the crate… /Superman III

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