It’s the 50th anniversary of Roxy Music's first album

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Roxy’s first couple of albums are majestic.


Roxy Music has been a relatively recent discovery for me. Also Eno’s “Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy” is just fantastic.


Ah, yes. The ongoing, collaborative multimedia art project created to express and expand upon the vital themes of getting Bryan Ferry laid and keeping him well-clothed. It’s brilliant.

No, seriously. Every time I see him I think Well done, you smug bastard, you deserve it.


You forgot the decadence of European culture!


Well, I mean. That’s just assumed, innit.


If you’re a fan of Roxy Music it’s worth noting that they are going on a 13-stop tour this year in Canada, US, and UK. (With the surviving original lineup, too. No Brian Eno, though.)


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Thank you for the heads up! Roxy Music is a long time “missed seeing them, now I never will” for me, so I will have to find a way to manage this. I can’t wait to see that suave septuagenarian live!


Yeah — this is definitely one of those “if you want to see them, now’s the time” tours. These guys aren’t getting any younger after all, and I doubt there will be another tour after this. Even if it means having to take a flight to another city to do it. And, fair warning, good seats are not cheap. That being said I did a quick look through the Ticketmaster app at the US and CA tour stops and there are still a fair amount of seats available.

If you have the means and you’re a big fan I say do it.

I’m personally not a huge fan. I like their stuff well enough and I’d consider tickets if they were coming to my area, but it’s not a “fly to see them” kinda show for me. (Not to say I haven’t done this before for other groups, though!)


My brother had Roxy Music albums, I was never a fan with the exception of Flesh and Blood and Midnight Hour.


Fifty years is a long time. But Roxy Music , the band’s eponymous first album from 1972,


Yeah, I really am that old, thanks for reminding me, Mark. I remember the album being passed around at school, as a teenager. And as for their first TOTP appearance…


Have tickets for the NY show and staying with a friend that I also saw Kraftwerk with a few years ago. So making our own Last Chance To See Tour

Now to check and see if The Stranglers are touring…


I’m sure you’ve seen this affectionate homage:


Love their Country Life, Siren, Manifesto and of course, Avalon.
This was RM in their prime.

No way I’m going to go see them now (or any other 70’s rock act still touring), it would just be disappointing.


Looks like they are touring Europe right now. No word on if they will come to North America.

One thing I’ve found tremendously helpful in tracking shows that I’d want to see live is to use the SongKick app/site. I just feed in all the artists I’m interested in along regions I’m interested in (I’m in Seattle so for me I also have Portland and Vancouver BC since neither of those are unreasonable distances for someone I really want to see). I often get alerts on upcoming tours from SongKick before anything else, including Ticketmaster and AXS.

(Not affiliated at all, as a live music fan I just really like this app.)

I will check it out - I get alerts.through AXS, but yeah, they are not great and only for local stuff. Really appreciate it!

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I’ve seen plenty of 60s/70s acts in recent years. Some have been pretty disappointing, others have been surprisingly good.

The Zombies in particular were amazingly good when I saw them in 2019. Even in his mid 70s, singer Colin Blunstone sounded exceptionally good for someone of any age.

But, yeah - I’m general you need to manage expectations when it comes to these shows. That being said often times I can overlook a lot if it’s a group or artist that I particularly revere.

I saw Paul McCartney a couple months back, and sure he doesn’t sound as good as he used to (Maybe I’m Amazed was particularly rough to listen to), but for someone who will turn 80 this year he still put on a hell of a show performing for nearly 3 hours without a break. At nearly half his age, I don’t know that I could do that night after night.


I saw Kraftwerk in 2016(?) for the 3-D tour and they were fantastic! Of course it was really just the same group of men, still standing basically motionless behind synthesizers and twiddling knobs, but they did it just as well as they did in their prime!

As far as Roxy Music goes Bryan Ferry’s solo output has remained great (if you like that sort of thing, which I do) and his current album has been in my rotation, so I am hopeful that a live show with the reunited Roxy will be good.

Oh! And his appearance in Babylon Berlin was transfixing! I had friends that don’t know who he or Roxy are telling me about it!


One of my desert island discs. It is indespensible.


Saw Brian Ferry live 2 years ago and he was very very good.