The remaining Monkees announced a farewell tour

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The remaining members of the Grateful Dead have also announced a farewell tour. . . which will go on until there are no more remaining members.


I said goodbye long ago.


9/17 – Riverside, CA @ Fox Performing Arts Center

The closest local to us, I and Dear Wife have our fingers crossed, we love the Monkees.


Hawaii Aloha GIF by The Monkees


I was about eight when that show was on, and the theme song always depressed me…because it was on Sunday night and when I heard it, I thought, ‘bed in an hour, then up for school’.

The line “we’re the young generation, and we got something to say”, was kind of baffling, because the show was your basic deeply inane silly comedy. The subsequent Partridge Family was Sixty Minutes by comparison. Meanwhile, the Beatles were skating arrest with their comments about war and drugs.


It just seems weird for them to tour as the Monkees. It’s kind of like if Paul and Ringo went back on tour as the Beatles.


It’s maybe a little weird, but I think it’s a nice way to honor their friends.


I am disturbed to see *rump-level shallowness here. Know-nothings should not show it.

Nez is a brilliant artist. The live at The Britt is a great live album, but there are so many more essential albums. Here I’ll suggest Rio Grande - (125) Michael Nesmith - Moon Over the Rio Grande (Live at the Britt Festival 1992) - YouTube
a rather sedate piece but for Jorgensen’s guitar. Check out Yellow Butterfly and Rio. And, of course Joanne!


It would be worse if CJ and Marky toured as The Ramones. People will still watch Paul and Ringo. As they will Mike Nesmith and Mickey Dolenz.

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in 1991 i saw the “guess who” in estes park, colorado. the only member of the original line-up was garry peterson, the original drummer. it was . . . okay?

a few weeks earlier i had seen foghat. at that gig, both dave peverett and tony stevens were there. my party was at a table about 3 meters from the stage and we were treated to an impressive performance of a selection of their most characteristic songs plus a light sprinkling of 2 or 3 new numbers. they did a 20 minute encore consisting entirely of slow ride that almost had us clutching our table to keep from being blown over.


Ahhh good old Caint Charlse MO.

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the Who are touring with just 2 original members. Beach Boys are touring with just Mike Love and Bruce Johnston (though there’s some controversy about Love owning the name).


I caught the Mike and Micky show last time they came around and I’m definitely going again. The setlist is loaded with deep cuts the fans are thrilled to hear.

Mike Love is a piece of shit human being and a RWNJ to boot.

And he lets John Goddamn Stamos pretend to be in the Beach Boys.

Fuck Mike Love.


Nesmith and Tork with the real musicians in the band (though both Jones and Dolenz were accomplished singers and actors, and Dolenz did absolutely learn to be perfectly serviceable drummer). Tork was a folk musician and would frequently bust out 10 minutes banjo solos at Monkees concerts for screaming teens. Nesmith was highly skilled guitarist and composer, with more twang in him than the Monkees typically let through (Texas roots and all). He also was a video production pioneer, and made some of the very first music videos. Try this one:

Mike Nesmith - Cruisin’ (Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam)

And there’s always that thing about his mom and Liquid Paper


The Monkees TV show played when I got home from school, which was awful because the other station was playing soap operas. Even in the 1980’s the Monkees show looked pretty dated. Strangely it looks less dated now.

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Just checked for the closest show to us here in Northern California and the cheap seats are $100 each with fees included. We both love the Monkees, and compared to some other event ticket costs that’s a “deal”, but compared to reality (or my version thereof) that’s beyond absurd. Looks like the venue is well on its way to selling out though, so yay for them given the hell that 2020 was for such places.

I hope you’re able to make it.


Psyched you included the clip from “Head.” I’d be really psyched for a re-release of that mind-bender on the big screen.

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