Bizarre performance of The Del Rubio Triplets on the New Monkees (1987)

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I am pleased to say I was blissfully unaware of either until now.


There were “New Monkees” ?! :see_no_evil:


Somethings are best left undiscovered.




“Remember the New Monkees?”

I really don’t, and now I see why. As far as I know, this is the first I’m hearing about it - I assumed it was the original Monkees doing a new show, but of course it’s some extremely '80s dudes pulling the same tired shticks, trying too hard for relevance in a new decade and failing completely. So maybe I did hear about it at the time, but thoroughly excised it from my mind almost immediately. (Which would have been extra easy - looking at Wikipedia, it lasted for 13 episodes, and almost no one in the cast remained culturally relevant enough to have Wikipedia entries.)



I am genuinely shocked and - even in my advanced cynical state - saddened that some dumb fuck got away with not only thinking this, but voicing it and actually making it happen. I hope they spend an eternity in development hell.


New Monkees? Just send the old ones out to the cleaners, why don’tcha?

Meanwhile . . . Ladies and Gentlemen - the Del Rubio Triplets


These people should have listened to Nancy Reagan and just said no …

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Let’s not forget their appearance on the Season 2 episode of Married With Children “All in the Family”.

They went a bit meta with it (one of the triplets wants to leave the act to get married and have kids), but it’s enjoyable.

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I actually do remember the New Monkees.

When I first heard about the “reboot,” I was mad– I’d been listening to the original band for literally as long as I could remember. I didn’t think a second attempt to catch lightning in a bottle would work at all, so I went into the first episode expecting to thoroughly hate it.

Well, I was right… and I was wrong. While the new show and band didn’t measure up to their predecessors… it wasn’t a complete disaster. (Or so I recall thinking at the time. Hey, I never claimed to have good taste.) The music was catchy, if bland, 80s pop, and I found myself… kinda liking it. :scream:

Sure, it was a cynical attempt to manufacture a popular “boy band”-- but so were the original Monkees. It worked incredibly well in the 60s… not so well in the 80s. >shrug< I’ll admit, I’m probably looking at the whole thing through nostalgia-colored glasses. It’ll be interesting to check out the YouTube samples to see if any of it holds up today.


i grew up in the 80s being delighted by reruns of the monkees, and this is the first time i have ever heard of the vastly inferior new monkees.

Some things are really best unsaid and unknown.

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I would love to have blondie’s hair…

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