The Monkees singing ' Ríu Chíu' a cappella

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This really brightened my day. Thanks, Rusty.


Their little coordinated swish at “gay apparel” is … kind of bold for mainstream TV in 1967? Maybe not in an entirely positive way, but … how did that make it to air?



Twas wonderfully wonderful.


RIP Mike.


Yeah, pretty amazing that they snuck that in! Might have got past the network because it goes by in a blink and it’s gently comic and non-threatening instead of mean-spirited. Also, this use of the word “gay” might not have been familiar to mainstream audiences at this time. Also note Davy at 23:00: “Rik Klein, he’s a poof.”

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WOW. Wow. That version of Riu Chiu was GORGEOUS. I sing in a small choir, and we do a couple of things “Acapulco” (our way of saying “a capella”). Big, big respect here.

This is just so pure, so sincere, so exposed, so delicate. Micky Dolenz just slayed with that solo. Now kicking myself that I passed on a chance to see him perform nearby a number of years ago.

The huge smile on Peter Tork’s face is priceless.

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