In 1986, MTV reunited the Monkees for a "Christmas Medley"

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I knew it would be bad. I knew the production would be awful. I knew the musical performances would be faceless and jejune. But I had no idea that there would be exactly zero recognizable Monkees voices. I have to wonder whether the vocals were done by The Monkees at all.

Eh, I could recognize some Monkees voices. And yes, the quality sucks. To make up for that here’s this one (and it is gorgeous)

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Davy Jones is pretty recognizable IMO. And I think they actually did do all of the vocals, though they didn’t play much at first.

Certainly most of the songs were written by studio writers (as well as one or more by Neil Diamond), but Mike Nesmith is no slouch as a writer and producer and they eventually toured and they all played in their live performances.

I wasn’t clear. I am a yoodje Monkees fan - have been basically my whole life - but this recording is a travesty of Monkee-mania-sized proportions. Although it does sound like Davy at times, I’m not convinced that it is Davy. Mickey, one of the (if not the) greatest pop-rock vocalists of the 1960s, was clearly not at the session(s). Pete is trickier, as his voice is not as strong or recognizable as the others, but I don’t hear him either. And The Nez appears to have spent as much time at the recording session as he did at the video taping, which looks like about five minutes to me.

Thx! That Mr. Magoo special has always read like an abbreviated, re-packaging of an actual – yet never produced – Broadway musical. Makes sense since Broadway pros wrote the songs!


Christmastime has a way of bringing people together… and having to experience uncomfortable and embarrassing moments.

30 years later and they were doing it better and with an Andy Partridge song.

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Martha Quinn… sigh. My biggest teen crush.

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