The Monkees' impressive new album

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Color me shocked!
A few of those tune’s would fit right into their TV show of the 60’s AND their damn good!

Off to Amazon to grab the CD and Album.

And here’s a link to the EPK for the album:


I love how popular music today is essentially a superposition of everything that has happened over the last two hundred years; thanks to the Internet and massive streaming catalogs everything is current and nothing is out of place. It’s never been a better time to be a fan of music.


“When you come around you bring the Summer”

Just absolutely wonderful!


Written by the equally absolutely wonderful Andy Partridge of XTC.


They are all very “listen-able”, truly commanding my ADHD attention is proof.


I’m just curious if anyone knows Michael Nesmith’s involvement in this project. He’s always been the only real talent in the group, and his early solo work (with the National Band) is amazing. He’s also basically stayed away from the Monkees ever since, yet he seems somewhat involved in this album- though you’d think, if he were really into the project, he’d have written more than one song. So I’m just wondering more about that.

You can say Mike was the most talented and won’t get an argument, but “the only real talent”? Micky had a fine pop singer voice, and Peter is a talented musician, and Davy was, um, charming?

Mickey and Peter should not be discounted. No one can sing like Mickey, and Regional Girl is an underrated song that ought to be the anthem for this generation. Peter can play multiple instruments extremely well, though his singing was weak. Davy had the charisma to pull a schlocky show together so well.

Mike could write music like nobody’s business. Their talents were in very different places. I love their stuff – from their mainstream offerings to their obscure movie Head. They had big talent pulling them into something iconic and marketable, but I would not knock any of their talents by a long shot…


Hey, he was working on his dancing!

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I think those are all from the official comic book:

Two frames from this page appeared in the video:

Can’t remember if this was in the video, but it’s another page from the same story, I think, more clearly showing The Monkeemen

Who had cameos in Kingdom Come:


That was all the hook I needed!

How strange is it that I just assumed these tracks were actually that old? Weird the way the mind works – I’d heard a couple of these on the radio, but I had no idea there was a new album. I just assumed it was from the 60s (because it’s The Monkees) even though my ears tell me otherwise.

Monkees-related story: shortly after my son turned 1, we took him to a Labor Day Carnival (an annual event in Greenbelt, MD). A band was playing “Stepping Stone,” but it sounded more like the Sex Pistols’ version than The Monkees. Then the band played “Auntie Grizelda,” and I couldn’t figure out “why all the Monkees songs?” Turns out it was Peter Tork himself.


The Monkeemobile is residing in Livonia, MI. Well, at least one of the originals is.


Do you have an approximate address? And is it visible from a public street? 'Cause I’d totally take a short drive to grab some pics.

No, it’s stored away in a warehouse full of toys, and the warehouse is not visible from the road


Pretty glaring mistake in this article – “Love To Love” was certainly NOT on Headquarters, or any other original Monkee album. It was unreleased in the 60’s. It didn’t make it’s first appearance until 1982, or a compilation album called Monkee Business. The version on Good Times has added harmonies from Micky and Peter.

Mike is on 8 of the 13 tracks on the album. He’s quite involved. And don’t forget that he has toured with Micky and Peter twice in the last few years.

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Was it me or did I spot the ‘I’m her with my good friend Peter…and Mike’ with subtle distiniction of Peter as the singular friend