Watch The Monkees' auditions for the TV series (1965)

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Nesmith on his life before getting into music: “I was a failure.” Love just how honestly themselves they are here. The Beatles tag didn’t apply to them outside of the personality archetypes sought by the producers. Four legitimately talented people who didn’t deserve the bullshit they had to endure but were destined to get it for having their music be far more successful than expected, eclipsing the popularity of the tv show during its first run.


I’ve been watching the Monkees TV show recently, having missed it during both its initial run and its 80s resurgence. I had no idea it was so good. Like, really, really good - and not just “for its time.”


“Did you work at that?”
“Yeah, I didn’t do anything”.
Whoever’s interviewing is great too.

Started a Monkees rewatch last year, and Nes really has a knack for just pissing around without getting irritating. He has one of the most delightful voices to listen to too.


I think it’s producer Bob Rafelson. He also lead the 1-minute end-of-show band member interviews they’d throw in when the running time ran short. Nez was the most “himself” on the show, and you can really see how checked-out he is in the later 2nd season episodes. His singing voice changes between the first and second seasons due to a tonsillectomy he had in mid-67, and it gave him a fuller richer sound.

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In case there’s anybody here who didn’t know these two amazing Monkees facts:

  1. David Bowie adopted that surname to avoid confusion with Davy Jones (pictured above).

  2. Jimi Hendrix opened for the Monkees. The crowd dissed him. “We want Davy!”

Less amazing: Pavel Chekov’s hair was modeled on Jones’.


Walter Koenig’s mop-top wig in the early episodes that he appears in is shockingly bad. :laughing:

I preferred the animated version.

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