'It was literally cold and dark': Total solar eclipse viewed throughout the U.S


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Overcast in San Fran; the eclipse was still visible but very subdued.


Overcast here is Chicago too; however, I did see this on the NASA feed and THIS IS AWESOME:


If you’re viewing the eclipse through a colander, expect to see the FSM.


Through a juicer (the kind that goes on top of a Pyrex 2 cup measurer)


I’m using a cereal-box camera obscure. We just passed peak occlusion which was only about half, I’d say.

Several people have commented that the sunlight on your skin here is imparting less radiant heat than normal. It’s noticeable and kind of neat.


We got about 2 good minutes where the clouds broke, at least in the North Loop. I noticed when I saw my balcony railing was casting a sharp shadow, even though it was quite dark out. Super cool.

Crap photos of it, though.


The missus and I came up with an eclipse drinking game. Rules are simple: every time there’s an eclipse, you take a drink.


Do you have to keep drinking until there’s not an eclipse?


Nice! Here’s our “full partiality” through a colander:


Man. I knew my afternoon was missing something. It’s beer.


Over in NC the clouds held out and it managed it work it’s way down to a sliver. I will say even at “full” eclipse for us I wouldn’t have looked at it, it was still too bright. I don’t know about the cold part…I suppose directly in the full zone it would have had a noticeable drop, but even with what was showing it was hot (granted today’s high was 90F and muggy so I mean turning off the sun really isn’t going to do much here).


These are the shadows of the sun through leaves on my patio earlier today.


Why did you have to spoil your coverage of something cool with pictures of something not cool?


Thank you, BBC, for making the total eclipse about President Trump.


I heard that can
( • _ •)
( • _ •)>⌐■-■
strain your eyes.



I remember the last time there was an eclipse in the UK. It was merely marginally colder and darker than normal for that time in the summer. Bah.


Nope, just one drink per eclipse. We’re off to kind of a slow start, to tell you the truth.


I’m not gonna lie. That’s pretty fucking cool.