This animation shows you what the eclipse will look like in your zip code

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Cool! Here’s another eclipse simulator tool via Sunsquach


Sunlight through leaves during eclipse


Hey cool! I was planning to drive a few hours south, but it looks like it will be very close to totality right in my back yard!

Just be sure to read the caveats deeper into the Time article. They took some liberties with respect to the levels of apparent darkness. Wouldn’t want you to be disappointed – especially if full totality is within an easy drive.

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I got to see that some 25ish years ago in St. Louis. I had totally forgotten there was an eclipse that day and my coworker and I noticed the change in light outside and saw that projected onto the grass below the tree outside the window. It was pretty freaking cool.

Looks like those of us in the Seattle area will be pretty close to totality.

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Nice vis work over on Vox.

So cool!
Thanks MF.

Overcast, anyone?

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