Seriously detailed NASA map of August 21st eclipse over North America


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As someone who can’t currently look at videos, and as someone wondering why a map is a video, is there possibly a static image version of such a map available? I’d love to see it!

edit: google to the rescue:


Last time I saw a solar eclipse I was in Aruba. Now, I’m off to Nebraska! Woot!


I would think atmospheric refraction would have a bigger effect than the Moon ruggedness.


Why don’t NASA’s eyes go all the way to the east coast?


There is a darkness there, deeper than any eclipse. They dare not gaze upon it.


The trip I was going on anyhow allows me a 1:50 minute view of it. Fairly stoked.


I plan to be right on the blue line in the middle. I ordered my glasses, but they haven’t shipped yet. Bit concerned about that…


There are various edits of this video for different purposes. This one was meant as an explanation of how the longer master copy was made. Think of it as a special featurette. The full version covers the entire US. There is even one being prepared that will be played in real time by NASA TV.


Because it is

and everything is a video.


Right now Id be more interested in a detailed visualization of the projected human traffic flows into and out of the totality zone. I’m imagining the gridlock after a fireworks show, only much bigger.


Try your local welding suppliers. Shade 14 welding glasses. Or replacement glass for a helmet, Shade 14. These a very dark and might be special order at any time.

Depending on how close you are to totality, you might even find some in stock!

Good article here: , especially the bit about the many UNSAFE choices.


Yah, this is my major worry. The Great American Traffic Jam. Depending on how the day shapes up, I might book it homewards a few minutes after totality ends. Or back to my hotel for Monday night and deal with the (hopefully much lessened) mess on Tuesday.

Regardless, my Jeep (cheepy-Jeep Cherokee, not jeepy-Jeep like a Wrangler) will have a couple of cases of water, basic camping gear, and camping food.


Read this as "Try your local wedding suppliers. Shade 14 wedding glasses."
Launched me on an interesting tangent for a few minutes, thanks!

Maybe I should have a pot of coffee.


Not really. The thing about the video is it shows the actual shape of totality, taking into account the exact position and height of the observer, and the exact shape and position of the moon at the time. What you have there is a map showing the totality as a smooth ellipse that does not change with time. What the video shows is how the shape moves. To do this, you have to zoom in on the shape to see the deviations from the ellipse, and the motion across the terrain in 3D to separate the effects of the observer’s height from the changing shape of the projected moon.

There are many, many videos that would be better replaced by a good static diagram. I don’t think this is one of them, but YMMV.


wondering if charlize theron will be on it she’s as keen as duck soup



There was a Make Me Laugh with Bruce Baum, where he came out carrying plastic buttocks on a pole, singing “I’m being followed by a moonshadow…”

Can’t find the video for it.


Menard’s in Lawrence has a ton of them and they’re only $1.99. Any walmart in the area should have them too.


This is pretty close, though it doesnt take into account road capacity.