Italy may kill the EU's copyright filter plans

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The article is at least partly inaccurate…

The government is in charge since at t least last June, and there were even public statements from the 5 stars movement vice prime minister about opposing the proposed copyright directive, and they voted accordingly in July and in September.

Actually, he went so far as to say that should articles 11 and 13 be approved, Italy would not adopt them.

The problem is that the elected representatives in the European parliament are a minority in the elected Italian MEPS, So Italy as a whole may not have voted the way it would turn out if the same majority were in parliament now.


It should be noted that the Italian government is not opposing the plans because they disagree with them. Under normal circumstances, the very-right-leaning coalition of 5 Stars and Lega Nord would probably adopt far more draconian measures. They are bickering with the EU about their planned budget for 2019, which was stopped by Brussels. This is simple retaliation. No matter how stupid the copyright plans are, Italy’s reaction is not an acknowledgement of a free Internet.

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You are probably right that the Lega (Formerly Lega Nord; they decided to project the intolerance outwards) does not appear to care much either way.

On the other hand, the 5 Stars movement is only following through with the policy they have supported since they got in the parliament.

The 5 Stars MEP votes recorded seem consistent with what I am saying. So I would not attribute the change of direction to posturing only, or a bargaining trick, but on the change of government.

By the way, the press in Italy has ignored the whole thing as much as they managed, and when they did, that was largely in support of the media industry call for filtering and “media outlet compensation”.

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