It's a BoingBoing Conspiracy!


And that would be a bad thing, how?


And what about all the evidence to the contrary?


Oh, those people count?


OMG this thread is hilarious.


Shut up!


I’m fairly sure the bbs is an elaborate way to ensure I never get government clearance.

Damn you bbs, I am Sooo disappointed!!!

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Agent provocateurs placed by Big Troll.

(Agents provocateur?)


I demand accountability from no less than @xeni, @doctorow, @beschizza for all the… Things… And conspiracies… And complitious (is that a word!?) behavior over the past decade!


The cock of his walk expressed his compitious attitude.

Checks out!


Falcor is not a conspiracy. Falcor is a don’t push your luckdragon.

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The silly runs deep in me. And you are correct, luck dragon insinuations are liable to result in a swift lunch for said flying beast.


I think they’re doing an excellent job of figuring out exactly how to gaslight each poster based on their temperament.

For example, after not being on the forum for 14+ hours, the very first post in the very first thread I want to like gets the message “you are out of likes, please wait 11 seconds”.

I mean, come on guys, how is that not tailor-made to drive me wacko?


@Cowicide is our canary in the coal mine.


The driving distance from Chicago to Waco is 1063.7 miles, and at posted speed limits would take over 15 hours of driving time. If someone is offering to do all that driving, you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


I know why the cowbird sings.


Ask not for whom the cow moos, it moos for thee.


What if @Modusoperandi is @Falcor’s alter-ego?


What if @OtherMichael actually likes all the comments he’s been liking?



What if @beschizza’s safe is just a way to keep us coming back to Boing Boing, to see if he’s opened it?

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