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NYT’s got a nice article on Intel involving themselves in GG, and it doesn’t make Intel look good.

I noted the article namedropped the Intel PR d00d who defended this decision, so I scoped out his twitter feed looking for cheap jokes on a Friday night. (he’s @billcalder).

He also says some hilarious things!

Oddly, there’s this dude looking to capitalize on Intel’s pro-GG stance

Dualshockers? never heard of it. I mean, I’m a gamer. I mean I’m not. I mean, I like games, but that doesn’t make me a gamer. Let’s just say I have fond memories bluesnews and fingering carmack’s .plan

But NEVER heard of dualshockers. Unsurprisingly, it’s a busy looking website that where all the posts seem like mundane blurbs about new sony game releases. PR steno, to my quick look.

I mean, their idea of “journalism” is to interview a guy who’s trying to sell 10 hand-made PS4 branded Air Jordan’s for $950.

(and people carp about posts about some bb posts being paid advertisements!)

Anyways, despite the lack of any real “journalism” going on at dualshockers, they make the GG whitelist at entry number 4.

So, two things are clear

  1. GGers don’t have any standards for real journalism. I mean, you don’t have any standards when you post shit like this

(You know what these vapid screenshots for an upcoming game need? SEXIST COPY!)

  1. people at shady websites like this have a blatant financial interest in keeping GG alive. I won’t be surprised when some of the 4channers who started this all are revealed to work for schlocky sites.

Re point 1, it’s probably because GG had nothing to do with journalism - “corrupt journalism” was, from the start, only cover for doing a hatchet job on Zoe Quinn (and later, on others who dared to call these idiots out on this, especially if the ones doing the calling out were women with a certain amount of profile, like Alexander). It was just something to give a cursory plausibility to the attacks.

Re point 2, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

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Possibly not quite the right place for it, but I noticed today that you can share a Coke Zero with a gamer…

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